Zenfone 3 Max Review – Amazing battery but comes at a price

Smart phones have taken the world totally in its sphere. Life cannot be imagined with smart phones these days. Right from waking up to going to sleep smart phones have become our daily partner living by side every moment and every day.

Talking about smart phones well there are loads of such phones and it seems to be little confusing when it comes to selecting from the vast lot. But while going through many such smart phones, recently I have been going through Zen phones and testing quite a lot of Zen phone models amongst which Zen phone 3 Max (ZC520TL) has caught my eyes and gave me bundle of experience. The overall look of the phone is quite attractive with 4100 mAh battery that is quite unique to be covered in such compact device with a premium aluminum finished body. I can assure it will not fail to impress you once you have this phone within your palm.

For your information, the code that Asus assigns for different Zenfone can be easily identified by its finish, size, and screen and its affordability. The ZC series of the Zenfone 3 ZC520TL refers to entry level smart phones, 520 indicates first version of 5.2’’ inch screen and TL refers to cheapest of MediaTek. The Zenfone 3 with 5.5’’ inch screen is ZE552KL, whose 552 indicates the third version of 5.5 inch screen, ZE refers to the mid-tier level and KL indicates Qualcomm chipset.

Zenfone 3 Max Features:

I would recommend you to go through these amazing features that Zenfone 3 Max is offering so that you can compare with the previous Zenfone 3. What are the added features and its good bad all you can compare after giving it a read?

Premium Look

The phone is compact with modern and feels handy and comfortable in using. The back side is made up of alloy from aluminium metal which curved on the sides and has single piece coverage. With 2.5D fashion look the front glass is slightly curved. Compare to other Zenfone 3 models this Zenfone 3 Max has a very subtle look but overall it gives a good premium finish look upped with various notches with great display of 1280×720 screen. It has a finger print sensor mode which takes bit longer than usual unlocking mode which is much slow compared to Zenfone3. The ringer and the audio volume has signature cut facility which not so worth giving praise like those of expensive smart phone models.

Smartphone with smallest 4100 mAh?

I am not sure of the fact whether calling it a phone with smallest battery would be fair enough as something with so much battery life within this minimal range in such compact device is much impressive and can be called big not small.

Charge & Battery Life

With 4100 mAh capacity the battery life of Zenfone 3 Max will be no doubt higher than average than any other battery backup of smart phones whose average capacity is around 3000 mAh. Those who are highest in operating phones per day the Zenfone 3 Max serves good battery life from morning to night with remaining extra 15% battery life.

Power Bank

The Zenfone 3 Max has the capacity to offer to offer its battery charge as a power bank to any device that is connected as USB. The screen gives a pop up alert when OTG is plugged in. It asks for whether to connect as normal plug in of OTC cable or to reverse the charge mode.


The camera quality of the Zenfone 3 is also moderate. The camera operation is quite slow due to its slow processor. During heavy light display the element of the front glass causes blooming of light. The shadow areas also lack and the bright areas often get exposed, just like other average smart phone cameras.


The gaming segment of this phone will not embarrass you either as the Zenfone 3 Max with display Mali-T720 optimises game flow correctly. The game mode with “no limits” seems bit cranky but when playing the main gaming mode the graphics display and operation seems pretty smooth.

The Zenfone 3 Max does support the “Game Genie” which displays an icon of flying toolbar while playing games. This popping toolbar allows access of external link instantly from the screen or you can also add to external resources and can instantly capture gaming videos, on screen recording and through app settings you can have this Game Genie app wherever you want.


The audio system of the Zenfone 3 Max is standard that you are getting within quite affordable price and fits your budget. Though the audio is not so strong and you might fail to listen to it during loud situations but thankfully it does offer some outdoor audio facility and enhances the sound volume and you can hear it with no effort. The best part is it comes with a very handy and easy audio setting.

Zenfone 3 Max System Details

Zenfone 3 Max Gallery


After giving it a good post mortem analysis, I would say its processor had failed to impress me. The phone attains many tasks but it lacks in stuttering of the screen.

Apart from its cons here are few pros why you should own it; (i) premium styled design, (ii) close-packed, (iii) Immense battery life. It is a good phone if you want a phone just for its battery life at a price tag of Rs. 13,000.

Buy Asus Zenfone 3 Max (ZC520TL)

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