[Solved] Fix for ADB Devices Offline – 100% Working

In this post we will see how to  Fix for ADB Devices Offline within just 2-3 minutes.

I was playing with some ADB commands this morning but something was stopping me from what I was trying to do. I was trying to detect my Nexus 5 via ADB but it was showing my device offline.

After trying a few troubleshooting steps like rebooting the device, turning off and then turning USB Debugging on again didn’t help so I decided to look up on the internet to get this problem fixed.

After about 2 hours of searching I got the reason of the problem and how one can easily solve it within minutes.

Just follow this tutorial to get this problem solved within just 2-3 minutes.

Reason of the problem

ADB Devices Offline

So, here is my system’s basic configuration:

  • Windows 8
  • ADB Version 1.0.29

The OS doesn’t matter but the ADB version does. This is where the problem exists.

Now that we know the problem, let’s move on to the solution part and see how to  Fix for ADB Devices Offline easily.

Fix for ADB Devices Offline – 100% Working

The fix for this problem is really very easy. Just follow the tutorial below.

  • Download ADB version 1.0.31 files: Download here
  • Extract the ZIP to some place you can access easily.
  • Open the extracted folder.
  • Hold the Shift button on the keyboard and do a right click anywhere inside the folder.
  • You should see a new option named “Open Command Window here”. Click it.

  • A new command window will open. Now input the following command.

adb devices

  • You should now see the device listed in a below depicted manner.

There you go!

Video Tutorial

The ADB Devices Offline problem is now finally fixed and you can now continue doing what you were about to do.;

If you have any doubts or confusions then you can get them cleared in the comments section below.


Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. You can find him writing posts related to Android most of the time but he also likes writing poems, short stories and other stuff. Mail him at ujjwal [at] droidextra [dot] org.

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  • Saumil Dighe

    did the same as mentioned above,still my device shows offline….anything else i might to do?

  • andy

    yeah same here,

    did like on the video but the device is offline . . . do you know how to fix it ?

  • Maddoxx.

    still offline too….adb sucks

  • htc sucks

    still offline

  • disappointed

    Get used to people using ad blockers mate. You’re posting on the Internet, your work is now free. Your ‘100% working’ solution doesn’t even work. So disappointing.