Root Micromax A52 AISHA

Ujjwal Kumar

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  • vijay

    unlock root doesn’t work it says cant get root access..

    • It does work. I have already attached the picture as you can see above. It shows that Root Checker has verified the Root access. Here’s one more screenshot. Just make sure you follow the process as its written here.

      • amitk

        Hi frnds all who have successfuly rooted. . Can u plz share if u r using windows xp. . Win 7. . 64or32 bit? . . Thnx a lot.

    • Sunil

      if i flash boot img, my phone following mentioned method, & if unlock root doesn;t work, will i still be able to use my phone? or it will die ?, thnx in advance for the answer (new to android & trying to root first time)

      • Phone will still work. Don’t worry. 98% of the people were able to root their A52s as you can see. There are many positive comments as well.

        • Sunil

          thnx 4 replying, i tried & after flash unlock root is keep asking for drivers install (btw i can use my phone normally) , USB debugging is on but driver can’t install ..m using win 7 64 bit, should i try on XP now? & if i try should i again flash boot img ? thnx again for your help 🙂

  • vijay

    Yes Its Working by mistake i select recovery instead of bootimg…
    Thnx alot dude..

  • Ramji

    8 steps works good ,After that i click that big root button it asking “Do you want try to install driver?” i m giving yes another time its asking so many time i click its still asking…wat is the problem?? can you help please…

  • Ramji

    after i click root its asking like this after i click yes still its ask its not doing anything 🙁

    • Make sure the phone is connected to PC and you have enabled USB Debugging. To enable USB Debugging Settings->Applications->Development and check USB Debugging.
      You are missing some step as many has successfully rooted the device as you can see by the comments below.
      Best of luck.

  • Lav

    awesome….. great…. it works…. thanks bro…. thanks… i have installed ROM TOOLBOX and it works well…

  • Shahbaz

    plzz there is a problem in downloading the adb drivers.i click root then it asks to download the drivers but after sometime it again starts killer and starting the adb server plzzzzzz help

    • Looks like UnlockRoot has some problem with your and Ramji’s PC Config. Why don’y you try this on another PC?
      You can see that people have successfully rooted the device using the same method.
      I’m not really sure what’s wrong.

  • Shahbaz

    same as Ramji

  • Shahbaz

    not working on different pc also i tried on dell vostro 15 is it because of windows 7 same thing occuring plzz help yaaaaar i followed every step which u have written can u plz upload the adb drivers

    • I’ll try to find the ADB drivers.. If I found them I will upload for sure. Try installing on a 32 Bit desktop.

    • Post updated. Download the ADB Drivers Installation Package. Click “Install This Driver Anyway” when you are prompted.

  • Blizz

    I am getting this error while flashing this phone
    BOOTIMG checked, but without path…
    What should i do do about it??
    Please help me this my first time….

    • Double click the BOOTIMG text to select the Boot.img

  • Shahbaz

    this adb drivers are for toshiba thrive
    if this has to be used than how……..???????
    i installed it but to no use what to do same thing occuring…..????
    and thanks for great response i m thankful to u………!!!!!
    but plzzzz help meeee

  • Shahbaz

    can u suggest any other software like this no need of download link just give names……!!!! i will try until i get success in rooting this phone…!!!!
    Plzzzzzzz give some names….!!!!!!
    or sms me on my number 9930686148

    • Try the XDA method to get the ADB drivers man.. You can see that people have easily rooted their A52s.
      PS: I have censored your mobile number.

  • Raj

    I am facing the same peoblem as Ramji.. everything is good except this…
    pleaseeeeeeeeee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blizz

    Thank you it actually worked.. Ujjwal Kumar..

  • Shahbaz

    the link for adb drivers u gave is for 64 bit but i m on 32 bit…….!!!!!!!

    • Instead of Unlock Root you can use Superoneclick

      • Shahbaz

        tried not responding….!!!!!!!

        • Then I think there’s something wrong with your system or you did not followed the tutorial correctly. Try it on some friend’s PC. You can see that many people have easily rooted their devices.

  • Shahbaz

    what will happen if i flashed rooted boot.img 3 to 4 times

    • Don’t know.. never tried.

      • Shahbaz

        OK if u hav original boot.img than upload it i will try to root from starting
        Thanks for ur GREAT REPLY MAN……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Trying to help every possible way I can 🙂
          You can download this ZIP and extract the boot.img from here. I don’t have the exact boot.img right now.

          • Shahbaz

            i dont hav an account on 4shared it is asking me to login
            upload on mediafire

          • Just sign up using your Facebook account. You will be able to download with it as well.

          • Shahbaz

            why its size is so big 142MB…..!!!!!!!!

          • It is the full stock ROM of MMX A52. I was about to post about it after a few days and a way to restore A52 to Stock ROM.
            Just download it and extract the Boot.img

          • Amitk

            hi Ujjwal thnx , i have successfully rooted my A52 & really vry happy with some free internal memory using link2 SD & by deleting some unwanted apps like mibuddy & weather (btw. can u suggest some more ways to free up internal memory ?)…….my question is about this stock Rom for A52 , why would i need it in future if i do, & how do i use this ..thnx

          • Great. Looks like you are absolutely enjoying your rooted device.
            I don’t own the device so cannot suggest on how you can clear more memory. Keep in mind. Do not delete the mlabs launcher. You will be doomed then. I’ll soon write a post on restoring your A52 to stock ROM. You can subscribe to email feeds to stay tuned.

  • Try superoneclick. If its not working then try on Windows XP if it doesn’t works either.. then you can try on a 32 bit desktop of your friend or someone. I don’t understand why some people are facing this problem while many others are happily rooting their devices.

  • aksaga

    can u plz upload video of rooting micromax a52

    • aksaga

      i m new 2 android so its difficult for me plz HELP?

      • Sorry its not possible to make a video tutorial but I’ve written this tutorial in simplest possible manner. You will never learn anything until you take risks. Try yourself. If you get stuck somewhere just ask. I’ll help you.
        And don’t worry this will not brick your phone.

        • aksaga

          Thanks i have rooted my a52, now i want to ask is there cmw recovery for a52 or any new custom roms?

          • No CWM as of now. Devs are working hard to get CWM working on A52.

          • aksaga

            i have heard that cwm v5 is working in a52

          • Yes.
            I will post a tutorial tomorrow. Stay tuned.

          • aksaga

            can we install galaxy duos Rom in a52 because both phone config is same is it possible plz reply

          • Amitk

            hi aksaga .. may i know which operating system u used to root your A52 , is it win 7 or XP, 32 or 64 bit ? thnx

          • aksaga

            win7 ultimate 32bit

  • Hi Ujjwal, thanx a lot…I can root my device 🙂
    next requriement -: I wanted to install custome recovery in my device (micromax A52). From where can I find CWM recovery image for my device?

    • Glad you are enjoying your rooted phone. Custom recovery is not yet available. Stay tuned to the website. I’ll update as soon as I find a way.

  • ramana

    This works great and am very happy with my rooted phone. I would love to increase the RAM by enabling swap but swapper for root and swapper2 does not work until our kernel inbuilt support for swap partition. So is it possible for us to get a custom kernel that supports swap partitions. Thank you so much for your efforts.

    • I don’t really see that happening. Micromax is not releasing the kernel sources for its devices so making up a custom kernel is really tough.

  • hey ujjwal bro…..pls tell me hw can i backup my current ROM….yes m rooted

    • xxCodeRx

      Will post a method to flash CWM today.

  • Sarthak Choudhury

    will flashing should i on the usb debugging

    • Your phone should be turned off while flashing with SP Flash Tool.

      • Anubhav

        hey ujjwal!
        I finshd d flashin process bt wen i clik on ROOT in UNLOCK ROOT……it repeatedly asks fr instalin d drivers even though i hav a cnstant internet connection……can u help me…??

  • anup

    Hi ujjwal bro, I have given u what I did to root and where I hanged and u have to help me to complete the remaining steps 1. I click on sp flas tool 2.scatter loading the scatter file from the extracted folder 4. Tick on bootimg 5. Click on bootimg and after dat where to click? I found mtk, spflash, unlock root when I clicked on bootimg. Actually it asks me the path. What will be the path Please bro help me I m new on anroid so unable to solve this kind of task alone.

    • Hello Anup
      Path is where your boot.img is stored. For example, if you have saved your boot.img on desktop, you can select it in SP Flash Tools by browsing to desktop and then choosing the file.

      • anup

        After flashing the phone can I root it by using updatezip or I need to follow your rules. I m confuse becoz someone posted that unlockroot ask internet connection to download

        • You need to follow my method or your phone will be bricked.

        • anup

          Plz dont mind bro, I m asking u so many questions. Actuall I dont have pc so I have to go to my frend’s home and I cofirmed that he has windows7 32 bit pc. Shall I achive the root access through this pc? Any suggestions bro… I m ready to take any risk just believing on u

          • There is no risk at all if you follow this method. And yes, this can be done at your friends PC running on Windows 7 32 Bit.
            Also, you can install ClockWorkMod recovery on your device which is useful in taking backups and installing new ROMs.
            Here’s how you can Install ClockWorkMod on Micromax A52 Aisha.

  • anup

    Hi bro should I backup all data in recovery mode before going to root. One more ques bro… my friend also wanted to root this phone by this method but he faild in last step I mean when he opened the unlock root folder and attached the phone after flashing it asked to download something. He had no internet connection so he failed. Please bro any other method to root after flashing. Unlock root may not be work in my phone also, so I need an another option if I fail too.

    • Internet connection is needed for getting root via UnlockRoot. Also, I don’t recommend using this method for your friend until his phone is MMX A52. Any other device can be bricked.

      • anup

        We access internet through data cable and if internet connection requir then how it will be possible at a sametime. Plse give me how can I connect to internet when unlock root will ask to connect

        • Well you have to find a way to connect to internet.

  • Abhay

    hii iam facing that problem help me please(same as Shahbaz) iam using win7 64x

    • Try SuperOneClick if still fails then try on a 32 bit PC.

      • Abhay

        Thanxx bro it worked on windows xp. Can u suggest some custom ROM.

        • There is no Custom ROM right now. Stay tuned to our website so that you can know if we update in future.

  • anup

    will superoneclick work instead of unlock root? if it works then which version

  • anup

    Hi bro…. I m going to root my a52 today but one last ques… I watched how to use superoneclick in youtube. In some videos they mentioned about installing driver. Now the ques is which driver I should pick for superoneclick and also for my a52? Shall I flash this phone before using superoneclick or without flashing it will work? Please bro answer me in details

    • All the steps will remain the same except the one that involves UnlockRoot.

      • anup

        I have flashed my phone successfully on 32bit xp pc. But superoneclick rar folder has virus issue but still I have tried still window cant open it. I have downloaded an another zip version of superoneclick. Lets see.. I wana ask u that has my phone been flashed for forever or I should flash it again? Answer me bro I m on the way.

        • Your phone has been flashed. No need to flash again. Also, try turning off any Anti virus installed before using SuperOneClick.

  • anup

    I could not root my device bro so I m sad. After flashing anything change in my phone?

    • No, nothing major has changed. You are just running on an insecure boot.img but its ok.
      I think you should try on a PC with proper internet connectivity.

  • Jayanth Acharya

    My main motivation for rooting A52 is to free up space taken up by apps that I don’t intend to use, to install some other apps that I am interested in.

    Can someone suggest a list of software that I can remove safely ? I’d prefer to replace the default launcher with ADWlauncher, and remove the likes of ToI, mStore, miBuddy, Aisha. Can this kind of app removal lead to any problems ? If there are more apps that I can remove safely that’d be great. Eventually, I’d install Link2SD anyway.

    • Don’t remove the default launcher. Use some other launcher on it.. I’ve seen people running into trouble after deleting the default mlabs launcher.

      • Nibin

        i installed the mtk drivers provided by you but unlockroot was showing no device found. im using windows xp sp3 . i also tried it on my friend’s win 7 pc but it showed the same message. Please HELP!!!!!!

  • Abhay

    my mobile is stuck on the micromax logo i think it is bricked please help



    • You need an OTG cable and search for a post on XDA for unbricking.

  • nipun

    i have try to root micromax a52 with above process but icant see SuperUser in application drawer and i cant fill that os is change .

  • Nirmik

    While flashing i have to select only the bootimg option? in sp flash tool…

  • after rooting does we can unroot the device? and BOOTIMG will get changed to secured one (Provided by micromax when purchasing the phone).

    • Yes it can be uprooted. You will need to flash the secured boot.img to get the secured version back.

  • Nirmik

    Unlock root does not install tried 10 times! stuck at 72% and then says network problem! plz put in a tutorial with some other software! please! asap! 🙁

    • Try SuperOneClick

      • Nirmik

        did it with an older version of unlock root! super one click was not installing either!
        is it possible to port ics?
        i read on xda that the screen res n memory are low but the galaxy y n y pro have ics with same/lower resolutions and just 30mb xtra ram! i cant post it on xda but can you find out a way?

  • abhi

    hey, by chance i deleted the mlabs launcher.
    is it going to be a problem ?

    • Yes. When you do a factory reset you will not have mlabs launcher.

  • Choose the path where the insecure boot.img is located.

  • thanks thnaks alot you guys are great, my A52 has been rooted , it was so simple thanks to you, God bless 🙂

    • Enjoy and don’t forget to install CWM.

      • MOHSIN

        what is cwm pls explain

        • It is a custom recovery by which you can take nandroid backups, restore those backups, flash ROMs flash mods etc.

    • harshu

      mine a52 says
      device has no proper root access
      pls tell me wat may b d problem

  • fail to creat an xml document whn scattr load :[

    • Nirmik

      you need to install microsoft xml 6…its available for download free from microsoft site.

  • plz check msxml6 is install wat to do ?

  • Nirmik

    Can we get a deodexed version? I want to change the status icons and thus need the deodexed rom…possible?

    • Wait for a few more days. A custom ROM is coming.
      Stay tuned to the blog for more.

      • Nirmik

        Awesome! thanx a lot! would it be an ICS port? (may be i am asking too much…but cant control 😉 )

        Also, though the chances are rare that it will be considered,but still, i hav written to the CM developers requesting for a CM ROM 😉 :p

  • Mohsin Khan

    by mistake i removd my mlab so how to get it back how to unroot micromax a52

    • You will need to het the APK from somewhere and for unrooting you will need to unroot by UnlockRoot itself.

  • Mohsin

    thanks thnaks alot you guys are great, my A52 has been rooted , it was so simple thanks to you, God bless 🙂

  • HEY DUDE…its sounds silly but do we need internet connection while rooting

  • i am down;aoding that unroot file….hamesha 60 percentage stop ho raha hai bhai….(

  • rohit

    Is any new update or a new Custom ROM gonna be posted soon ????

    • Yes. Either today or tomorrow.

      • rohit

        Thanks then i will wait for it and then root it….Is there any way to unroot it if some problem occurs ???

        • It is already posted. See the homepage. Yes you can unroot again via UnlockRoot.

          • rohit

            ya thanks…i will see it…..

  • amogh

    not working
    superuser file is not there in app drawer
    what to do??
    whats chmode ???

  • I want to backup my orignal rom So if anything go wrong i can recover back .
    How to do that ..(in case electrivity loadshedding [anytime])

  • after rooting will my data (contacts ,apps etc.) will get lost ?

  • VPK

    Hey this may sound silly but this is my first android phone so cann’t help but ask it. I want to root my phone and install custom rom and also want to install cwm. So which of these three I should do first??? BTW thanks in advance. You guys r awesome… 😀

    • No problem. There is a first time for everything.
      First root your device. Then install CWM. Then install the custom ROM. All the tutorials are on this blog. Just search.

  • Amit

    i accidently uninstalled Aisha software from my A52, is there any way it can be installed again.. ? . thnx

  • Try with SuperoneClick.

    • Nibin

      Is it safe? because i have read many people complaning that it bricked their phone……i dont wanna brick my phone

    • Nibin

      im using unlock root v3.1

  • tarun

    pbm..with flash tool….as i click download button shows “BOOT IMAGE IS CHECHED. But without path”

    • Double click on BOOTIMG and select the boot.img

      • sagar

        brother what is mt65*3 usb vcom driver and how can i install it

  • Swapper will not work on A52’s kernel.

  • Arun Nain

    I rooted my a52 successfully

  • Blizz

    I am getting these errors while using Unlockroot.

    1.Failed to chmod file: busybox

    2.Failed to chmod file: rootutility
    3.Falied to get shell root.
    How should I go about it. I rooted my phone before but I accidently flashed CWM6 in the BOOTIMG option in flash tool. So I flashed the rooted_bootimg again I get these errors now. When I use Root Checker app in my phone to check my root access it says Sorry this device does not have prper root access.
    Please Help Me about this issue.

  • jit

    my phone is not starting, only showing suparfone aisha , after fleshing it ….. plz help .. 🙁

    • You have done something wrong. You should strictly follow these steps. Now you need to flash stock Rom.

    • Nanban Naveen

      ya i have same problem pls help me if u solve it in ur phone

    • aravind

      same problem you find the procedure pls contact me

  • vinay

    i am not able to flash . getting usb port not found error error. pls help . i have followed you instruction and installed mtk . my pc has win7 x64 and intel i3. the mtk got installed almost instantly. i started the flash tool exe and after selecting the files from a52root. i clicked download and after few seconds i get the usb port not found error

    • Un install all MTK related drivers. Install again and it will be fixed.

  • Dev

    i have used sp flash tool to flash my A52 successfully as per mentioned in the tutorial…Then i tried to root it and it even showed that rooting has been finished…But after completing the procedure, i have not got root access. Only difference i can find is my phn’s free internal storage space is showing more than it was before. Otherwise everything is same as before. Can you please tell me what exactly happened and how can i root successfully???

  • Unlock rooter cant detect my device yyyyyy??? Help plz

  • Flash stock ROM through SP Flash Tool.

  • ali

    i am losing my network selection ….. i had did it 2-3 times but unsussesfull…… help me to get it…..plz

  • Amit

    hi vinay
    use XP 32 bit & try UnlockRoot worked for me just fine .. good luck.

  • aravind

    my mobile is not starting on after root only showed superfone aisha please help me

    • How come this is working for everyone except you? Are you sure you are following the steps correctly?

  • i’m unable to flash my micromax A 52……… every time i tried to flash it itz showing EBOOT error 1403….what must i do???????????

    • Uninstall all the VCOM drivers and install again.

  • How i uninstall X zoom from my micromax A52

  • namitrocksss

    After rooting my phone I have lost all my files stored in sd card how can I get them back nd maps app is missing in system apps

  • namitrocksss

    I just select 4gb in sd partition option nd after rebooting my phone there was no files left in sd files nd my memory details showing less than 4gb instead of 8 gb….where is the remaining memory…

  • Ashish

    Hi Ujjwal…
    i have used sp flash tool to flash my A52 successfully by following every and each step as per mentioned in the tutorial, after the flash has completed, but when I have try to Connect my A52 to my PC the pop up coming showing new hardware found.. then when I tried to install the drivers Its showing unable to find driver. and when open the UnlockRoot his unable to detect my handset. I have downloaded the MTK driver installer and tried lot of time but its not working.. will u help me regarding this..

    Thanx in advance..

  • kevin

    how to unroot it?

  • ananya

    unlock root : help me wd tat step . the unlock root is not working and continously showing a error kindly tell if theer is a better alternative

  • ananya

    y does it show device offline ???