ROM Manager for Android: Complete Guide

Hello Folks, In our previous post we shared the Top 3 Apps for Rooted Android Phone Which are perfectly suited for those who want to harness the real power of their device. In this Post we’ll be discussing in detail post on almost every options available in the app “Rom Manager“.

Let us begin.

Before Proceeding Further Please ensure that you have ROOTED your android device and have functioning ClockworkMod Recovery for the same.

Disclaimer: is just a medium to share anything that is useful to Android users. We are, in no way responsible for any harm that may be done to your device in anyway.

Option #1:Flash ClockworkMod Recovery

Rom Manager

  • Using This You Can Install ClockworkMod Recovery in your device , for this you’ll be needing an Active Internet Connection and Free Space in Sdcard(approx 10-15mb).
  • The Recovery Flashed  may not support your device, you’ll need craft it to suites your android device . This option works mostly for the popular devices.

Option #2: “Reboot in Recovery”

Rom Manager

  • Now from its name you would have almost understood, what this option does. It simply Restarts your android device into ClockworkMod Recovery Or simply CWM Recovery.

Option #3:“Install ROM from sdcard”

ROM Manager

  • Using this option you can flash ROM(may be Custom ROM) in .zip format provided that you have CWM Recovery installed.
  • This option makes the whole process little hassle free, simply browse the zip your device goes in recovery flashes the zip for you.

Option #4: “Download ROM”

Rom Manager

  • Using this option you can download ROM suited for your device through Repository. This Feature is available for premium.
  • And the ROM is not available for all devices via this option.

Option #5:”Check for ROM Updates”

Rom Manager

  • This options makes most of your work, simple at just one click it provides you status about Availability of ROM for your device in repository.

Option #6: “Manage and Restore Backups” 

Rom Manager

  • The Vital Option of the ROM Manager its the only helping hand when you mess up with your system.
  • Using this option you could Take Restore your ROM e Backuped provided that you have ClockworkMod Recovery installed.
  • This Restoration includes Messages,Contacts, Apps,Personal settings.

Option #7:”Backup Current ROM”

ROM Manager

  • The other vital option, which gives the ROM Manager a meaning.
  • Using this option you can completely take backup of the ROM you are currently using.
  • Backup includes  Messages,Contacts, Apps,Personal settings.

Option #8: “Fix Permission”

ROM Manager

  • This option fixes the permission of the system apps, like messaging app or any other app. Facing force close due lack of proper permission.
  • Simply opt it let it process all permission not more than 5 min approx and hopefully your problem related to force close get solved.

Option #9: “Partition SD Card”

ROM Manager

  • This Option is using for partitioning your sdcard.
  • There are many further plus points for doing so , you can partition sdcard and use Link2sd which will take all the apps including system app(not recommended) to sdcard.
  • Also You can make swap partition to increase  RAM of your device provided that kernel of your device supports it.

We have used “ROM Manager (free version)” for demonstrating in this post. So we kept our words of explaining those three apps stated in Top 3 Apps for Rooted Android Phone .In next article we’ll move to next app from the list.

Stay Tuned to DroidExtra for More Android Stuff.

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. You can find him writing posts related to Android most of the time but he also likes writing poems, short stories and other stuff. Mail him at ujjwal [at] droidextra [dot] org.

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  • aymen

    I can not do Backup Current ROM in the Celkon A97i.. what is the solution ???

    • Don’t even try. You will end up with a bricked device. Just wait till someone ports CWM.

      • aymen


  • maxi

    i already have cmw(novo tools and recovery image) on my infinity p275. i haven’t flashed recovery yet. can i backup my current stock rom using this manager?

    • This won’t help until you have CWM installed.

      • maxi

        let me be more precise. exactly which cmw do i need for p275? i searched
        xda and thats where i found the cmw which came with novo tools and a
        recovery image. theres no mention of any other cmw for it on the whole
        website. can you tell me WHICH CMW i should install for my tab?