ROM Manager for Android: Complete Guide

Ujjwal Kumar

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  • aymen

    I can not do Backup Current ROM in the Celkon A97i.. what is the solution ???

    • Don’t even try. You will end up with a bricked device. Just wait till someone ports CWM.

      • aymen


  • maxi

    i already have cmw(novo tools and recovery image) on my infinity p275. i haven’t flashed recovery yet. can i backup my current stock rom using this manager?

    • This won’t help until you have CWM installed.

      • maxi

        let me be more precise. exactly which cmw do i need for p275? i searched
        xda and thats where i found the cmw which came with novo tools and a
        recovery image. theres no mention of any other cmw for it on the whole
        website. can you tell me WHICH CMW i should install for my tab?