Mod your ROM without modifying APKs – Xposed Framework

The tradition which is being followed by thousands of year is now going to be broken. In Earlier time to use some small tweaks people installed a custom ROM or latest version of Android, people chose CyanogenMod or some other available Custom ROM for their devices.

But now XDA Recognised Developer ROVO89 has found a new way by which you can perform small tweaks on your device without changing your ROM. It means all the things in one ROM.

How It Works

Traditionally, when developers want to do some tweaks they basically modify System.APK and then release those tweaks in a form of a custom ROM. But now with this method you can apply some tweaks on the stock ROM itself.

Xposed Framework Requires root to be installed, but once installed it can work without root. The Dev has extended system/bin/app_processes executable which would load a JAR file at the startup. The Classes of this file will sit in every process on the system. By every Process on system I mean the system services process too! With that it is possible to modify an apps behaviour at that time. This means no need to install a custom ROM!

Currently this works with the device running on Android 4.0 and above but they should be  ARM Devices. So, If you are a proud owner of a device running on Intel, you won’t be able to use it.

Downloads & Requirements

How To Install

Before Installing make sure you have downloaded the files above.

  1. Move the downloads on your SD Card
  2. Now install XposedInstaller2.1.4 on your device.

    Xposed Framework

    while installing Xposed Installer

  3. After installing you will see something like this.

    After installing Xposed Installer

    After installing Xposed Installer

  4. Now to Install Xposed Framework go to Install/Update
  5. Allow SuperUser prompt when asked.
  6. Now Reboot Your Device
  7. Voila! you have successfully installed Xposed Framework!

After you have installed Xposed Framework you can use tweaks easily on your device. To Uninstall Xposed Framework go back to Xposed Installer App and from there you can uninstall it. But don’t remove the app before removing the framework as it might create some problems.

Ujjwal Kumar

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