iSkySoft Data Recovery for Mac Review – Works Great!

Data is precious in today’s world – losing data could mean losing all of your research for that thesis, or it could mean losing the only photos you have of your loved ones. Which is why, everyone who has ever worked in the IT industry would tell you to always backup the data important to you.

Not everybody has the know-how or time to create, update and maintain a backup though – so when you do inevitably lose your data, you require a data recovery tool to give you at least the hope of bringing your data back to this realm.

iSkysoft’s Data Recovery for Mac is one such data recovery tool that might help you recover the data you so regretfully lost.

What is iSkySoft’s Data Recovery

iSkySoft has made this Data Recovery software so it can not only recover lost files on your Mac but also on your various gadgets such an SD memory card or a USB stick. This can prove to be an incredibly useful feature. The application allows you to recover over 50 different types of files from a wide variety of storage devices.

The app comes with four different data recovery modes – lost data recovery, raw data recovery, partition recovery, and resume recovery. We will go in detail about these modes later in a bit.

While the software does come with a hefty 89.95$ price, iSkySoft also offers a free trial as well that will let you scan your storage devices to see if the software can infact recover the files you need.

The various modes

As mentioned earlier, the software features four different modes for data recovery. Having the ability to switch between specialized modes like this can significantly increase the chances of a successful recovery. So lets go over them.

Lost Data Recovery

This mode will help you recover files that you simply deleted into the Trash or deleted permanently with the Command + Delete shortcut. While recovering files from the Trash is quite easy and is built into macOS itself – recovering files after deleting them with Command + Delete can be quite tricky.

You have a higher chance of recovering these files if you stop using your storage device immediately after deleting the files – the longer this device stays connected, the lower the chance of a successful recovery.

Raw Data Recovery

Raw Data Recovery mode will help you recover files with a certain “file signature”. What this mode does is go through every single cell of your hard disk and check for a certain file signature that you are looking for – basically it searches for the lost file everywhere on the hard disk, in hopes for finding at least some fragments of it.

While the chances of this method finding your files is quite low, it can help you in the rarest of cases.

Partition Recovery

The Partition Recovery mode is an essential mode – without this no data recovery software is complete. This mode lets you recover corrupted or deleted partitions from your hard disk, allowing you to recover data in massive quantities. Of course some of the files might still be corrupted after recovery, but most of the partition would most likely be as good as it was before it was lost.

Resume Recovery

This one is more of a feature rather than a recovery mode – basically it lets you save your data scan results, so you can perform a recovery at a later point. Of course there is the disadvantage of losing data because you have your storage device connected and being used – but sometimes you simply do not have time to go through a time-consuming recovery process.

The interface, and how to get around it

iSkySoft tried to keep most of the interface quite simple – the application tries to follow the common macOS design guidelines. This makes the software extremely simple to use, while still packing advanced features.

When you first run the app, you will simply see four options to choose from – the four different modes we described earlier. Every mode has its own separate wizard, that takes you through the exact steps requiring your attention.

iSkySoft made Data Recovery for Mac keeping novice users in mind – as a user, you only have to tell the app what you want to recovery, and how you want to do it. The application takes care of everything else, so there is not a big learning curve to this app.

Does it work then?

Well – it is a data recovery tool, just like the many of the hundreds available that do the same things that it does – however doing it right is the challenging task. iSkySoft has managed to make something that does work – and it works well. The interface is simple to use, and the different modes help you recover files that might not be too easy to recover with such options.

At the price of 89.95$ – the value that this app provides you with depends on the value of data you lost. The trial version though definitely helps you in making the decision.

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