Install ClockWorkMod Recovery 5 (for ICS) on Micromax Funbook with zero errors

Ujjwal Kumar

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  • zeyaan

    by clicking all boxes do u mean only t permissions or even t spl permissions?

    r w e
    r w e

    right? like t above method?

    reply as soon as possible ‘m on basebamd 1.2 ICS 4.0.3

    • assuming that you are talking about dev folder and other mentioned folders, yes you got it right give it all the permissions

      • zeyaan

        I still face prob wit permissions for the nandg file

        • Did you try ‘fix permissions’ from the advanced menu in CWM?

  • Raj Sinha

    where’s the download link?

  • ponraj

    how to root funbook?
    i have unrooted it through sparky root.
    any help?

  • Sukrith

    pls upload a backup of your 1.2 base band version….. i forgot and had to get a 1.0 baseband rom

  • piyush

    i have installed superuser and super user update fix. But when i click the update fix it gives a error saying fix failed. Help me please !!!


    thanks man you are rocking as you said many sites are not giving full details about cwmr and about superuser app i am going to try this out

  • ravi

    remount failed operation not permitted

    • I was having the same error. Try troubleshooting through the troubleshooting section. Make sure you are doing this on your Funbook P300.

      • bonnu

        I too hav encountered da same error ? wat 2 do?


    thanks from centre of my heart

  • Rajiv kumar

    showing su binary not found pls help me admin

  • Shivam

    normal recovery mode is opening……not CWM ….

    • You haven’t completed the steps properly then.

  • Dude. This tutorial is for MMX P300 and I think you have P500.

    • anix

      even i have same issue with p300 while installing Binary updater it shown super user access denied same while installing CWM.. any work around ?

  • Anand

    Can you list all the apk’s download link. Plz.

  • i have p300 funbook wen instaling cwm file it says instalation aborted wat to do nw?

    • Follow the instructions carefully. Do not skip any points.

  • What’s your Funbook model.

  • micromax funbook p300

  • vishal

    I am a bit confused. What is the first step to unlock mmx funbook ? Install ICS ? CWM or live suit ?

  • hemant

    My self Hemant Jadav from mumbai.
    Hi have changed vold.fstab file and reboot. After that my funbook p300 works only when pc/laptop is connected with it. Storage is not found. For hard reset, voulume button is also not working. I have used your techniques. Now volume button is not working. But still I don’t find storage (sdcard/extsd).

    Please help me what can I do. My email address is [email protected].

    • Email me so that I can help you further.

      • ashwani

        hey ujjwal plz help me on hd videos matter…………totally exhausted

        • It’s a known issue. You will have to wait for the fix from the dev.


    hello i have micromax p350 trying this procedure but i m getting failure all time …
    its showing Error: more than one device or emulator … plz get rid of this trouble ..need quick responce plz ….

    • This method is only for P300.

      • jay..storm

        find a solution ujjwal..u r an original expert or just a “search on google and copy and paste link guy”..ur solution would be much appreciated !!

        • First of all I don’t have to prove anyone that I am an “expert” or not. Also keep in mind that I have not created this ROM so I cannot find the solution to your problem. Thanks for stopping by.


    hello i have micromax p350 trying this procedure but i m getting failure all time …
    its showing Error: more than one device or emulator … plz get rid of this trouble ..need quick responce plz ….and in p350 recovery mode i dont know …when i m going to boot option its in chinse so getting problem for recovery mode ….

  • Manas Kumar

    hello i have micromax p350 trying this procedure but i m getting failure all time …
    its showing Error: more than one device or emulator … plz get rid of this trouble ..need quick responce plz ….and in p350 recovery mode i dont know …when i m going to boot option its in chinse so getting problem for recovery mode ….

  • Nikhil

    I am not getting any thing

  • Devesh Waghmare


    i dnt know i hv done everything for this and in ur tutorial it is telling press the options button and then power
    it almost worked !! the logo came but then i dnt know suddenly one android bot pops up and shows he is dead then i just pres the normal power button my tab opens and works properly ?
    WHY SO?? plz reply quik !!
    i have funbook p300

  • R Gubbi

    If you haven’t noticed already, there is an issue in the recovery-install.bat
    The following line need to be changed
    adb push recovery.img /data/adb shell “cat /data/recovery.img > /dev/block/nandg; sync”
    adb push recovery.img /data/;
    adb shell “cat /data/recovery.img > /dev/block/nandg; sync”
    Other than that, it worked like charm. Thanks.
    Any idea if the same CWM works for Karbonn ST3 ? I am looking for Android 4.1 ROM for Karbonn ST3. If you have any pointers, please let me know.

    • Hello
      This was working perfectly for P300. I have the tablet and it works like a charm.
      I have no idea if this will work on ST3 or not but this recovery is only useful for some other Allwinner A10 chipset devices.
      No idea about Android 4.1 for ST3 yet.

      • Manish

        would it able to support idea net setter

  • hey, tell me one thing that if I will able to use all SIMs on Micromax Funbook after updating it……

  • hello I am using micromax funbook p300 with android 4.0.3. is it safe to install cwm. I checked with root checker and it says congratulations ur device has root acess

    • You need CWM if you are going to mod your device.

  • I have installed superuser and su update fixer but when I open it It says no app in the list. no log information. iam using titanium backup. when I open it superuser is not asking me permission. please help. moreover I cant find this settings option u told. its not there

    • I am not really sure what you are trying to do.

  • satinder singh

    thannk you sir. thumbs up. 🙂 i follow the procedure and able to install it. thank you so much sir.

    • Glad I could help.

      • satinder singh

        Sir can i ask for one more help. the battery problem of Funbook it was ok after i install new rom but now it shutdown at 17 %. can you please elp me in this . i will be very thankful to you sir. i am here in manila Philippines sir and didnt have access to any service of micromax. i am just relying on internet for fixing it sir

        • Wipe battery stats in CWM.

          • satinder singh

            sir how should i wipe the battery stats in CWM . i try battery calibration software but no help sir. i will be very thank full to you for this kind help sir.

          • In ClockworkMod, go to Advanced > Wipe battery stats.

          • satinder singh

            Sir i did the battery stats wipe in CWM . but still the problem persist sir. any other option i can do so that it didnt sutdown sir at 17%

          • This is a common problem with all the Funbooks.. Maybe a factory reset will help.

          • satinder singh

            thank you sir. i hope it works sir. is cyanbook jellybean rom working well. i mean is sreen rotation is ok sir.

          • If your Funbook model is P300 then yes you can try.

  • Huh?

  • Srikanth Turlapati

    I installed superuser from CWM, and installed su update fixer.

    I opened superuser, and select settings, but do not see anything like
    Su Binary > Install the Binary

    • There should be something like “Tap here to update binaries”.

  • Exactly!
    I don’t understand why people blame others if they can’t follow the steps properly.
    I have also mentioned that this method is only valid for P300 but I don’t understand why Manas didn’t follow.

  • rishit

    after i install the es file explorer my funbook got off and when i try to on it .it shows the funbook title and gets off again…what should i do now ???

    • Not possible. ES file explorer is just an app and it doesn’t do anything to a system.

      • rishit

        i too know that but suddenly it got off and now showing problem while i on it 🙁

  • Try on a diff PC then.

  • firstly when i pressed 1 in command promt on computer , it din’t show successful installation of CWM.
    secondly whenever i enter “update from sd storage” and select to update , it always shows – installation aborted.
    if u can notify by email – [email protected]

  • maxi

    i want to make a stock recovery image of my funbook infinity p275. will this method work for it? please let me know.

    • This is only for P300.

      • maxi

        is there any other way to make a stock recovery image for the infinity? if so, then can you please guide me about it?

  • kunal

    theres no nandg file in the block folder cant find it

    • Are you sure you are using this on P300?

      • kunal

        yes i’m absolutely sure. mine is baseband 1.2 and android 4.0.3.

        under the block folder there are only two sub folders named




  • Humayun

    I`ve done All Things After installing ES File explorer……After long Pressing (dev) Ive gone to Permission….After I Open Permission there is no Option Of Ticking Boxes only Info About Dev and A OK Button…..PLzzz help me out

    • The new ES File explorer is different. You need to mount /system as writable now.

  • Troubledboy

    You are a blody hell after installing CMM5 as you informed now my funbook is not staring up

    • Take a close look at the last image. It P300 running CWM.
      It’s not my fault that you cannot follow the steps properly..

  • Kunal Deep

    when I do this, a box open in Chinese or japenese language.

  • AVH

    Error stating that Remount Failed:Operation not permitted ,, Please Help

  • Peacock

    I have done this long press the dev folder, set properties, check all boxes, click ok. Do the same for the data folder, now open the dev folder, and repeat the steps for the block folder, and inside the block folder do the steaps for nandg file…… but still receiving same error…..
    Remount Failed:Operation not permitted …why is this

  • Soyab

    HI .. i am trying to install the driver for my P300. but its not happening it due to i am in WIN XP? it says not better match found for ur hardware.. kindly help

    • Hi Soyab
      I am not sure what’s causing this. Maybe you are right or maybe not.
      But why not try it on a PC running Win7?

      • Soyab

        Okay … i will try but unfortunately i dnt have WIN 7 as of now .. thanks i will try and will post actually i am trying to flash my tab using ur other post for installin clean ICS…

  • Dhaval

    To reboot into recovery mode first press the options button and then
    press the power button simultaneously. Both buttons are to be pressed at
    the same time until you see the Micromax’s new fist logo. Cant understand… pls help

  • ajay

    if i install custom rom 4.1 in my funbook, will tata photon work, i bought it month later , it did not come with the tablet?