Install ClockworkMod on Karbonn A18

Ujjwal Kumar

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  • t

    you have not mentioned how are we (noobs) supposed to install the inf files u have provided in the mtk vcom folder

    • 1. Connect the device to PC.
      2. It will detect the device and show “Driver not installed”.
      3. Open Device Manager. For device manager, press Windows button + R. 4. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter
      5. Browse to the device and right click on it and select update drivers. 6. Browse to drivers location and choose the folder in which device drivers exist.
      7. Proceed and its done,

      • Tobali

        too bad it’s not for windows 8

        • There is an alternative method in this post.

          • Tobali

            Yes ! It worked with a Wolfgang AT-AS43D2. Thanx for the good work !

  • t

    i cannot install the mtk vcom drivers..any solution for that?

    • Well you are doing something wrong. Please check the steps correctly.

  • t

    ok so i did not flash with PC, instead i did it without PC. directly from phone. and now mt internal SD card is lost as in, it does not show, whatever apps i install now disappear after a while. thats mysterious. games which are by default installed on external sd seem to lose their icons and become grey in the manage apps list. phone is all fucked up. please provide a solution to normalize everything.


    • Weird.. I wonder why it didn’t happen with me as I follow the same process and flashed it through Mobile Uncle Tools.. Anyways, If you can wait for a few hours I am going to post a way to install the Karbonn A18 Stock ROM which will solve your problem.

    • Download and flash the new recovery.img It will fix your problem.

  • Cor

    Hello Ujjiwal

    I also flashed the 1st recovery.img through MobileUncle and got a damaged internal SD card. Subsequently I flased your updated recovery.img through the PC method, but the damaged SD card is still there!? Any idea how I can get this resolved. Note that my phone is Karbonn A18 rebrand with a European Stock rom, that I haven’t got.

    much appreciated


    • Hello Cor
      Nice to see on this blog. Are you sure it is a Karbonn A18/Neobox Tuan 4.3″ rebrand? If so then here is a way to flash the stock ROM.

      • Cor

        Hello Ujjiwal

        Yes, I’m sure that my AT-TS43D2 is a Karbonn A18 rebrand

        I presume that I have to flash a stock ROM first to restore my internal SD card, before I can flash your Custom ROM; is this correct?
        One more query, what flash method to use (to repair the SD
        card), Format whole flash except Bootloader and NVRAM?

        Appreciate your reply.
        regards Cor

        • Yes you need to flash the Stock ROM in order to fix your damaged SD card. Please be notified that flashing this Stock ROM will also change your logo image that you see before boot animation.
          And yes, choose *Format whole flash except Bootloader and NVRAM bin region. *In this way your IMEI number will remain intact.
          Please follow this tutorial at your own risk. But it worked for me. Your phone is also the same so it might work for you too.
          Keep visiting the blog for more updates! Have fun!

  • Have fun!

  • You have to put it in the root of your internal sdcard i.e /sdcard/.
    Yes there is an option named “Recovery Update”.
    Flash it from there.
    Also, show me a picture of the “place” where you are seeing the options like “wipe cache ,reboot,intall flash from sd card or cache”.
    Do you see “CWM-based Recovery v6.0.1.2” at the bottom of the screen?
    If yes, then you have already flashed CWM.

  • Mihir Deshmukh

    im a newbie here. i love my karbonn A18. but can i update it to Jelly Bean?
    plz let me know. and im totally in love with this blog.
    thank you!

    • Hello
      Welcome to We are still working to see if we can get Jellybean on A18.
      You can like our Facebook page and subscribe to the email feeds to stay updated!

  • kalrocking

    Need cwm recovery for karbonn a15 please hellp me….

    • Will post as soon as I find it. You can like our Facebook page and subscribe to the email feeds to get updated.

      • Ganesh Poul

        hi ujjwal hi install successfully cwm on my karbonn a18 phone, but it can not show the new recovery face

  • Azar

    Hi ujjwal i installed cwm through mobileuncle tools and it worked but i am unable to take back up using the recovery…. It says boot.img cannot be created. Any idea…. But apart from that everything is working fine. I even installed miui rom and superstock using that. But i am unable to take back ups..

  • Ganesh Poul

    hi ujjwal , i installed cwm through usb, and done successfully on my karbonn a18, but it can not show new recovery interface when boot phone

  • amit kumar

    Please upload cwm of Karbonn a18+