Install Android 4.2 on Micromax A116 Canvas HD/MyPhone A919i Duo

In this post you will see how you can easily Install Android 4.2 on Micromax A116 Canvas HD/MyPhone A919i Duo.

The Micromax A116 Canvas HD is a Quad Core Android phone by Micromax. This is powered by a 1.2 Ghz MT6589 processor which runs on Android 4.1.2 Jellybean by default. It has 1 GB of RAM as well.

But now you can install FULLY STABLE Android 4.2 on your Micromax A116 Canvas HD. This is not an official Micromax firmware but MyPhone who is also selling the same phone under the name of MyPhone A919i Duo.

The ROM is fully stable and works flawlessly on Canvas HD.

Some new features in this ROM:

  • Android 4.2 Jellybean
  • Awesome color reproduction, screen now looks more lively and better
  • Wifi direct
  • Better benchmark results!

Install Android 4.2 on Micromax A116 Canvas HD/MyPhone A919i Duo

So without any further ado I will tell you how you can install this ROM. First download the required stuff from the downloads section below:


So that’s all you need to download at the moment. Move on to the procedures section now.


  • The procedure is pretty easy to understand and follow. Just make sure you complete this step by step, skipping any step may lead to something wrong.
  • Install the VCOM drivers normally as you would install a setup file.
  • Now extract the ROM to a folder that you can access easily.
  • Now start the SP Flash tool.
  • Click Scatter Loading button and select the scatter file from inside the extracted ROM folder.

  • Now make sure each any every check box is checked and the path to the respective files is selected.
  • Select and choose the file manually if any of those check boxes are not checked.

  • Keep the SP Flash tool window open and move to next step.
  • Take out the battery, SIM, SD card out of your A116. It is necessary.
  • Now in the SP Flash tool window click on Download. Click Yes for any prompts.
  • Now connect your phone with battery and everything out with the USB cable.
  • The process will now start.
  • Just leave your phone and DO NOT DISCONNECT while the process is running. Let the download complete.
  • When the download is complete, you should see a pop up like this.

  • The flashing is now complete. Let’s install ClockworkMod now.
  • Close the SP Flash tool.

Install ClockworkMod

  • Download the recovery image.
  • Place it somewhere you can access it quickly.
  • Start the SP Flash tool again. Make sure the scatter file is selected.
  • Make sure only one checkbox named recovery is checked and rest are unchecked.
  • Select the recovery and navigate to the CWM image and select it.
  • Make sure the battery, SIM and SD card is out of the phone.
  • Click the Download button.
  • Now connect the phone to PC in the battery and everything out and let the process of downloading complete.
  • After it is complete, disconnect the phone and insert your SIM, battery and SD card.
  • Now boot into ClockworkMod by pressing the Volume Up+Volume Down+Power button.
  • Go into recovery.
  • Now choose Wipe data/factory reset.
  • Go to Advanced and choose Wipe dalvik cache.
  • Without doing this your phone will not boot up.

The phone will take some time to boot for the first time.

This is it. The process is now complete and you were able to  successfully [Unofficial] Install Android 4.2 on Micromax A116 Canvas HD/MyPhone A919i Duo.

After Flashing and updating from 4.1.2 to 4.2.1 there will be a TP UPDATE pop up which will update the TP automatically. It is necessary that we should not touch the touch panel of the phone while the TP is being updated. Otherwise there may be some TP problem.

It will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. This is a one time process.


Take a look at these benchmark results and you will see improvement.



Thanks Deep and Abhinav for all the screenshots and images.

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. You can find him writing posts related to Android most of the time but he also likes writing poems, short stories and other stuff. Mail him at ujjwal [at] droidextra [dot] org.

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  • Resq

    Is it just me or CACHE and USRDATA files are really missing from MyPhone A919i Duo ROM posted here! I’m thinking to put this ROM in my A116. Is it safe to put it without those files??

    • It doesn’t matter. Just flash the files that are present.

      • Resq

        Thanks dude. Just one more question. Should I backup my both IMEI, serial no and wifi mac address?

        • You need that only if you format.
          In this method you just need to click the Download button.
          Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

          • Resq

            Thanks again….and ‘Like’ done 🙂

          • Great 🙂

          • Resq

            So I tried to flush MyPhone A919i Duo ROM into my A116 and it didn’t work. The phone stays at boot image (yes, it doesn’t even reach to the animation)!! But flushing to the MMX A116 ROM given here does work. I donno what I’m doing wrong. I followed the exact steps mentioned here.

          • You need to do a full data wipe in recovery mode. A dalvik cache wipe is also necessary.

          • Resq

            Yep, I did “Wipe data/factory reset” and then “Wipe dalvik cache” using CWM

          • Will check it and tell.

          • Resq

            while doing “Wipe data/factory reset” I do get following log:

            Formatting /data…
            Formatting /cache…
            Formatting /sd-ext…
            No app2sd partition found. Skipping format of /sd-ext.
            Formatting .sdcard/.android_secure…
            Error mounting .sdcard/.android_secure!
            Skipping format…
            Data wipe complete.

          • Did you perform Dalvik cache wipe too?

          • Resq

            Yep…and this time I used CWM provided here in the link (v6.0.3.0)

            In logs its showing that:

            failed to mount /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 (no such file or directory)

          • Weird.

          • Resq

            Wait….it worked this time…Even after that “failed to mount” warning I rebooted the device. And it started working!! The only difference was that this time I used CWM version provided here. Donno if that makes a difference. But hey…now I’ve got a better ROM then the one provided by MMX 😉
            Thanks for your help and for this wonderful tutorial.

          • Great!
            Though I would like to know why it’s better than MMX’s ROM.

          • Resq

            Although I don’t think there is much difference (other then the preloaded crapware)…but this one does take around 70-90 MB less RAM then MMX’s

          • Yes. The Micromax one takes a bit more RAM but I changed the launcher to Nova and I got more free RAM.

          • Resq

            …and I’m going to do same with this one too 🙂

            Nova launcher rocks.

  • Ivan Jake Escarda



  • dev

    have you tried using the myphone rom on your micromax a116 and checked the availability of the compass and magnetic sensor? Im using the myphone A919i and a canvass hd rom on it and ive noticed that the compass and magnetic sensor are missing … but f i use the myphone rom those sensor are present..

  • Rameet D’Souza

    my phone’s (micromax canvas hd a116) screen keeps flickering after the update … what should i do ??

    • Check and see if Strict mode is enabled by any chance. If yes, then disable it.

      • Rameet D’Souza

        i disabled it and re-installed 4.2 it stopped flashing , but then the tp upgrade came and it started flashing after successful update was shown . what should i do . Im getting restless

        • Your phone should work fine after the TP Upgrade.

          • Rameet D’Souza

            its still flashing after the upgrade

          • Can you please explain “flashing after upgrade”?

          • Rameet D’Souza

            The Screen Is Till Flickering….

          • Link updated. Download the updated firmware it solves the flickering issue.

          • Rameet D’Souza

            Thanks man …. Finally Done ……

          • Awesome 🙂

  • reyngc

    My imei lost..i tap d format..what should i do..can my fones imei back? Pls help.

  • SSB

    will any of the data on my phone be deleted if i update (I’m currently on Android 4.1)? if so, will i have to take a backup before updating? pls reply at the soonest…. thanks a lot 🙂

    • All the apps, settings and data will go away. You can backup apps using Titanium backup.

      • SSB

        oh, that’s sad! 🙁
        thanks a lot for the help anyway.. much appreciated! (y)

  • aditya

    will the phone warranty become void if i update using the above procedure ?

    • No, if you flash the Micromax’s firmware then your warranty will remain intact!

  • aditya

    will the phone warranty become void if i update using the above procedure ?

  • Hello

    Hey, the phone didnt boot even if I wiped data and wiped dalvik cache. Pls. Help.

    • This shouldn’t happen I suggest you to flash again.

  • Hello


  • Hello

    Sorry sir I was just lowbat .. Hehe, youre very helpful .. Thank you so much :))

    • You are welcome 🙂
      Don’t forget to like our Facebook page.

      • Hello

        Ok sir 🙂 No problem. Btw, i was suffering from boot loop that time, hehe. Good thing flashing this rom made it recover ..

  • jhaylord

    sir thank you for this procedure its save my myphone a919i hard brickphone. and now its bring back to life

  • ak

    hey buddy are you there now…?

  • Liz

    hello! im trying to update my myphone A919i Duo but the SP Flash says UBOOT, CACHE, USRDATA dont have path. what should i do with this?