[Updated] Install Android 4.1 JellyBean (Stable v4) on Micromax Funbook

Ujjwal Kumar

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  • Ohh Yuppie .. Installed
    Working Awsome!!
    Thank You So Much Foh SharIng ….
    Thankz Cyanogenmod 😛

  • Navjot

    Can i install this on funbook pro???

  • wifi doesn’t work

    • Everything is working fine. Please use the options properly.

      • ashwani

        hey ujjwal everything is fine for me except the hd videos all are not playing well and at ics all were played flowless

        • Yes that is a known bug. I hope that the dev will try to remove it.
          I will update if there is anything new. You can like our Facebook page and subscribe to the email feeds to get updated.

          • Waris Butt

            Dear admin can i install this ROM on my funbook talk p350. is there any rom for it. can you please suggest me?

          • No. It will not work correctly on P350.

  • prakash

    Hi, everything worked for me, except the last 2nd step

    Now choose “Install ZIP from SD card” and choose the “CyanBook_JB_Beta1.zip”. Let it install.


    installation started after some time

    installation aborted with error

    “symlink: some symlinks failed
    E: Erroe in /sdcard/cyanbook_JB_V2.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted”

    pls help me on this error message.

    • That’s weird. Because It installed perfectly for me. Please download it again and try.

      • prakash

        Hi Ujjwal,

        Thank you for reply,

        The downloaded zip file is corrupt

        “CRC failed in systemliblibvorbisidec.so. The file is corrupt”

        • That is why I asked you to download again. Have fun.

          • prakash

            Hi Ujjwal,

            I download the file once again(3rd time) still the zip file is corrupt,

            can you download the file by yourself & try to extract the zip file to the folder & confirm me back, if it worked for you.

          • Downloaded and its ok for me. Please check your internet connection.

          • prakash

            ok, i think my internet connection is slow(64Mbps) 🙂

            1 help, can you download this file & re-upload in Mediafire & share me the link( new link)

          • What ISP in India is giving you 64 MBPS?! I still think its your ISP because my 3 MBPS connection downloaded it without any difficulty.

          • prakash

            sorry man if i had hurt you,

            I’m working in MNC company it has 400Mbpsx2, but i get 64Mbps speed,

            for you info ISP is Airtel & Tata & Reliance.

            do not bring my India & I don’t know why you are going out of topic,

            if u do not know about India pls do not talk about India,

            India has very thing, but nobody know it.

          • Great. Anyways, just download it again. The ZIP is healthy.

  • Siva

    Now in this version all the bugs are fixed or srill any bugs and crashes are present ?

  • Sudhir

    cyanogenmod has released the stable version of JB, but i am not able to understand with one to download and can you please help on this.
    thanks in advance..

  • Ahbab

    Hi! I installed Android 4.1 JellyBean on my funbook and it worket fine for me. But I have some problems. Tata Photon Plus Dongle is not working and every time I tap on Status in About Tablet, it stops working! Please help me. Thanks

  • The amount of RAM shown is usable by other apps and the rest of it by Android System.

  • Looks like its not worth upgrading to this ROM

    • I’m using this as my b primary ROM. Rest is up to you.

  • sankar

    in my home there is no signal of tatapoton + after update all dongals support

  • Edy

    Hello… I have downloaded the Zip files and loaded it in SD card… After “Wipe data/factory reset“… where do i find this “Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache.”Plz reply ASAP…


  • Edy

    Hello… Appreciate your quick response…. Now press 1 and CWM Recovery 5 will install without any problem… after this I get an error message as “Remount Failed: Operation Not Permitted…Failed to copy Recovery.img to /data/recovery.img… I’m sure i’m in Administrator Log-In on my Computer….
    Please Reply what to do now… If you’ve any chat id, kindly request you to share the same….


  • Edy

    This Step Really Makes me to loose my patience….Now choose “Install ZIP from SD card” and choose the “CyanBook_JB_Beta1.zip”. Let it install… When i try this.. it says E:Signature Verification Failed…Installation Aborted…

    Please Suggest….


    • You just have to toggle signature verification.

      • Edy


        I have Installed JB succesfully…But When I search for a Wifi spot, it shows my wifi connection but cant see a virtual keyboard on the screen???? Plz Help…


      • Pallab Patra

        how to verify the signature

  • wastefellow

    i cant understand the last four paragraph what is ment by change logv1 v2 v3.

    • That is a log which shows what improvements and changes have been made since version 1.

    • ashwani

      these all are line by line updates of clockworkmod….

  • what is clockworkmod?

    • Search your question on our blog using the search bar. We have 2 posts on this.

  • Manas Kumar

    whenever i m trying manual recovery mode it says ..more than one device or emulator …plz help me ..and my boot menu showing chinse letters so ….plz help me

  • Manas Kumar

    Hello Ujjwal…
    i Install Android 4.1 JellyBean (Stable v4) on Micromax Funbook talk …but i m not able call and not able to use internet through my SIM …so i want to change it to my origianal rom …this install Mathod was for Funbook p300 but mine is funbook talk P350…So plz help me to get back mobile as it was at purchasing tim ..i mean Need Original Rom for funbook talk P350…please reply soon…

    • It is clearly mentioned that this is a ROM for P300.

  • anix

    hi , i just happen to install jelly bean on my micromax funbook and it worked fine for 2days… on 2nd day i left my funbook in on mode for few hrs and then i think its battery drained out .. not it shows a warning message when it power on with battery symbol and it dont event start.. not even able to charge it .. any idea what i would be or how can i recover and suggestions or guesses would help me in exploring the issue .. thanks

    • Something is wrong with the battery. It is not related to this ROM. Take it to the service center.

    • demkeep

      keep it connected to pc for a few hrs

  • It will be fixed by the dev in future versions.

  • Gaurav

    The installation went fine. But it freezes every now and then now, and only option is to reboot it always. Is there some solution to this?

    • It works properly on my tab. Please follow the instructions carefully.

    • TAK

      same problem for me. kindly let me know if you find any solution ?

      • Gaurav

        I reinstalled…and it is better now…i would say 4.0.3 was working better than this one (JB)

  • Antony

    Thanks The installation went well.

  • TAK

    Installed without any issue .after booting it freezes every now and then now, and only option is to reboot it always.can some help

  • saksham

    can I install it in my funbook p250

  • prithviraj singh

    hey! ujjwal help me work my photon dongle on it yar?

  • hey bro? tell me some supported dongle… will mmx352g work after flashing?

  • can i use my external Bluetooth Dongle for internet ?

  • raj

    can i use idea net setter e1732

  • Deepak

    can i install it on funbook talk and also yaar agar mujhe vaapas pehle jaisa karna hai tab kya karun

    • No. It may brick your device. This is only for P300.

  • raj

    how to install cwm 5 recovery in p300

  • Hari Shankar

    Can I Install it in Micromax Funbook Infinity P275??


  • avishek

    it is awsome
    Did it and it is really working fine..

  • prithviraj

    Please give me a way to run photon + on it yar

  • No.

    • Dhiren Tripathy

      yup bro u can but u have to first root your device , and then search it from google , that how reverse tether on android 4.0 .

  • after updating to cwm i cant tilt in temple run !!!!! why?

  • zafar

    plz tell me a method to root my funbook p250 alpha

  • satya

    I have updated my funbook p300 with this rom… but there is no filemanager,,
    Can u please help me out bro…

  • satyam

    i have install jelly bean 4.2.2 and i am unable to connect my tata photon + dongle…. plz help me.

  • Bhavin

    can i install in Hcl Me U1 Tab….

  • Jayanth Kumar

    does app settings are working??….coz i installd other cynogenmod in that i cant manage the apps its displayng ( unfortunatley settings stoped )…???

    • The only bugs in this ROM are the ones listed in the post.

  • manas panda

    thanks ujjwal kumar now i m instal android 4.1
    .can i instal 4.3 in my micromax funbook.

    • No 4.3 ROM yet.

      • manas panda

        how to downgrade 4.1>4.0 on my micromax funbook

  • Imad Kola

    my ram is now shown as only 306mb. can i correct it?

  • rajiva hs

    can i upgrade micromax funbook p250 using this same methods…….?

  • rajiva hs

    can u suggest how to update micromax funbook p2500 ………..?

  • AJAY

    Dear. When we trying to install in Micromax Funbook P560, First file CyanBook_JB_V4.zip gives ERROR “E:signature verification filed.” anyone can help me… AJAY 9716299327.