Install ADB Drivers for Any Android Device

Ujjwal Kumar

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  • Yogi

    Thanks a ton man…!! You rocks.
    After spending around 6 hrs extensively searching for Karbonn A21 drivers on internet, i finally got the solution here. 🙂

  • ron

    how to root Karbonn A12, pls provide help

  • dinesh

    still not working window shows a an unkown driver is already installed for ur device

    • You have installed wrong drivers before trying this. Uninstall old drivers and then try.

      • arjit

        sir how can i upgrade my karbonn a25..i am also not able to root..nd i also want to ask that rooting can effect the device or not…..

  • nikudo dikudo

    hi buddy my samsung galaxy s2 droped by my friend and screen cracked now nothing working on it…i try to connect with window/linus/mac all pc but its not detecting. after long try i get 2 drives in my computer with kies 2.3 but not accesible, i need to recover my data, can you help me???? also when connect with windows 8 it connects the phone but my screen lock was there so it say phone locked …but no way to go inside …pl. help me

  • pawanraj

    how to root lava iris349

  • Kushal Arora

    Hi.. I am using Karbonn A27, running on Stock 4.1.2. I have tried many drivers but device is not showing in ADB.. I want to root my device. I even tried apps like Z4root, Universal Androot, Poot etc, but no success.. Plzz help me any way to root it, via flashable zip… or any other way.. plzz plzz plzz help..

  • Dr.K.T.S.S.Rajajee

    Hi Ujjwal , I am having iball andi 4d mobile on which i had tried to root with several methods like superone click,srs root all of them shows no adb device found and i had even tried on mobile rooting apps like universal androot ,z4root,ginger break etc. the os is ginger bread 2.3.6,can u kindly help me plz

    • Hello
      “no adb device found” means that you haven’t installed the ADB drivers. Just follow this procedure and then try any rooting tool.

  • Dr.K.T.S.S.Rajajee

    i tried installing adb drivers from diffferent sites but still in vain can u guide me a good method to install adb drivers and no drivers were provided by manufacturer

  • Sonu

    Hello ujjwal,

    I am having a LG Optimus L5 E615, its incorporated with 512MB RAM, 800 MHz processor with ICS. I want to over clock the existing stock ROM. I have read in many forum that its Cortex A5 processor can be overclocked upto 1200MHz.

    I am facing great problem with Subwaysurf, Temple Run & other little heavy games. I have routed my phone with the help of forum.xda-dvelopers and it works so…so. Its dialer and call log look up some times make me very irretative. I have also installed lucky patcher and ROMTool Box Pro which make my phone little faster as I have blocked aids activity and freeze unwanted default programs. I dont want to istall custom ROM. Only want to overclock the stock ROM (about 1GHz). Any help from your side will be appreciable..

    • Hello
      I have not even tried the phone bro how can I tell you how to overclock it?
      I think XDA Forums are the best place you can ask this question.

  • zkniiL

    Hey Ujjwal, I followed the video and well… the image below explains it…

    • Looks like you have a damaged driver database. Uninstall the previously installed drivers first and then try it again.

      • zkniiL

        How do I do that, just to double check? I think I just tried just then but it still did not work.

        • Just do a Google search with the term “uninstall hidden USB drivers”.

          • zkniiL

            Okay so I uninstalled whatever else that was part of the ‘other devices’ tab but it still wont work. I’m not sure as to what exactly i need to uninstall =

          • You need to restart the PC two times after it’s uninstalled.
            You can use “USBDReview” to uninstall drivers as well.

          • zkniiL

            I uninstalled what i thought was irrelevant using the USBDReview but it still does not work. What exactly do I uninstall.. I do not want to uninstall something that could effect my system.

          • Run it as administrator and then right click on the thing you want to uninstall. Only uninstall stuff related to Android.

      • zkniiL

        How do I do that Jus to double check? I think I’ve done it I right clicked the device and justclicked uninstall, then i unplugged my phone and plugged it back in and it still wouldn’t work..

    • Vincent Lasfargues

      Hi, I get to the same point, same dialog, but with a different error. Instead of “The system cannot find the file specified.” I get “The third-party INF does not contain digital signature information.”.
      Any suggestion? I appreciate the good work here.

  • Kumar

    Ultimately awesome … Finally a great driver which works on any phone… tested with 4 phones… 3 of them unknown china phones !!!

    • Glad I could help!
      Why don’t you give us a Google +1 and like our Facebook page? 😉

      • Vincent Lasfargues

        Hi – That did not work for my Visual Land Pro7D (Android 4.1, multi-core Cortex-A9 Rockship RK30xx, 1GB Ram, 8 GB storage …) and my Windows 8 Laptop (Acer). I get stuck with the following dialog/error message: Android ADB Interface – The third-party INF does not contain digital singature information.
        Any suggestion? Thanks in advance. V.

          • Vincent Lasfargues

            Thank you very much for your help. – I have downloaded and followed the install steps for the Universal USB driver in the link you just posted, restarted the laptop, reconnected the tablet -> same status. Tried to install your driver again -> same dialog/error about the lack of digital signature information. Any other idea? There is not much I could find about this VL Pro7D tablet on the Web. It seems very new and a totally different hardware from the previous Visual Land tablets.

          • This should work..
            I suggest you to uninstall any existing drivers and then follow the instructions.. Also make sure you have enabled USB Debugging

          • Vincent Lasfargues

            USB Debugging is enabled on the tablet (I have an HTC phone that works just fine, but HTC provides a driver for it) and the tablet reports that USB debugging is enabled. I cleared(uninstall) in the device mgr (with Show Hidden Devices ON) what looked like left over from previous connection attempts AND the Pro7D as well, reconnected, Pro7D came back (see picture). But I still have the same issue. Did I miss some steps?

          • As far as I can see the drivers are already installed under Android USB Devices.

          • Vincent Lasfargues

            That is only my HTC phone. No other device is visible there. Here is a new screen shot (the unknown device is my headset that I plugged to charge the battery).

          • If this doesn’t work then I guess you will have to wait for official drivers.

          • Vincent Lasfargues

            So I found why the Wizard prevented the installation of the driver: Windows 8 prevents non signed drivers to be installed (or even the attempt to install). Here are the instructions to remove this lock on Windows 8 (not specific to Visual Land tablets of course):

            Now, the driver installed, but I still do not see my tablet as a target to execute my program in Eclipse … I have learned few things these last few hours, thanks to you and few others 🙂 I will post what I find when/if I crack this tough nut 🙂

          • You are welcome 🙂

          • Vincent Lasfargues

            It works finally, but I was lucky: I installed your driver for my old Samsung Intercept (there is no driver for this phone, but your driver works for it, therefore it installs – it is the part where I am lucky), then I updated the driver for the VL Pro7D by browsing to that driver (you need to click on Browse for Driver/Let me pick from a list … select the SAMSUNG Android Composite ADB Interface/Samsung Elec.Co.Ltd/(Model)SAMSUNG Android Composite ADB Interface. Windows will complain that it cannot verify that this driver works for the device. Go ahead and voila: the driver is used for the device and it shows up as a target in Eclipse when you run your app.

          • Awesome!
            Happy development!

          • Dapo

            i followed you link here because i was getting the third-party issue too and it was resolved, driver was installed. but my device cannot still be recognized from the command prompt to do what i actually want to do. any help?

  • Thiru

    Good Evening Ujjwal,

    Pls to post details for rooting Celkon A63 and ways move apps to sd card.

    Thank you,

  • rahul

    Sir, i have a xperia neo l.i want to root it..plzz tell me the procedure to do the same..

  • Dapo

    Hi, while trying to install the driver am getting an error saying ” the third part INF does not contain digital signature information”

  • arjit

    download of adb drivers does not start

  • Sukies

    yo fam how to i root my phone

  • Pakya

    Hi,my phone currently
    Sony xperia S
    4.1.2 JB
    warranty expired
    just upgrade from 4.0.4 via sony pc companion tool.

    -no wifi detected in my phone. and i cannot turn it on.
    -bluetooth also failed to send or receive file.
    -what’s the root cause?
    -i already send it to repair shop but they still can’t find solution.
    -maybe wifi module uninstalled?
    -can i upgrade my firmware to B.0.211?
    -how can i connect to internet via laptop with usb cable from laptop?(wifi failed)
    -i need to root it first?
    easiest solution please?

  • Ramanasaran

    Hi bro!
    i have rooted ma device and i have changed ma pc …
    in the first step u told browse fro update files…….
    i chose but it says it is up to date no update required…
    what to do now?
    Device : Htc Inspire 4g with root and s-off

  • Rama

    In device manager there is no other devices.
    im using win 81

  • Vimalesan

    Hi Kumar
    I am using sony xperia neo L and i have rooted and and i tried to instal CWM to upgrade to panaroid jelly bean. But now it went wrong, My WIFI is not enabled and my keyboard stopped working. When i tried to downgrade to the neo L ICS firmware, i tried to flashwitht the original kernal. But in the flash tool it says device is not detected when i checked about the driver in flash tool it says no ADB driver found. I installed using your method it shows your android is uptodate with the driver.

    Can you help me to get back to older version atlleast, if know to solve the wifi problem in the new upgrade that will be very very great, all the backup of orginal version is stored in the SD but i cannot acess any thing.

    Hope you will help me thanks in advance

  • Hawk

    Doesn’t work with the Lenovo a390t using Windows 7 x86.

  • dg

    hi i am having tab 3 how to dload its adb drivers

  • maliq

    my phone was not pliss

  • i0


  • Zarvan Tarapore

    hi Ujjwal ..i have an htc on x…..the phone is just not connecting to my pc ….i downloaded ur link above dont know if anything else was neede to b done…….”device driver not installed and device not recognised” has been the only thing coming up.
    kindly help out as need to transfer data urgently.

    • Which version of Windows are you on?
      Also, 32-bit or 64-bit?

  • Yan Yan

    good day brother, this what happened to me.what should i do. thanks in advance

    —= SRS One-Click-Root v4.7 =—

    11:50:54 PM – Starting ADB Server..
    11:50:59 PM – ADB Device: ERROR

    ERROR: We detected multiple ADB android devices (or emulators) on your computer, please only connect the device you want to unlock. then try again.

  • Obiwan


  • Abu Talha