Root Sony Xperia E – Easiest Method Available

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. You can find him writing posts related to Android most of the time but he also likes writing poems, short stories and other stuff. Mail him at ujjwal [at] droidextra [dot] org.

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  • Jędrzej

    Have anybody tried it? Does it work?

  • Moiy

    Hi there, thanks for post on this model. Does it work on locked or unlocked bootloader ????

  • Moiy

    Hi Ujjwal, I did everything exactly, definitely 3rd party apps allowed on and debug on, all runs smoothly but when gets to the exploit page I get 2 options Aragorn and Gandalf…both of them come up with error #7 and all root attempts fail. Phone still ends up ok at end no problems but all methods fail to root. I guess thats because I cant choose an exploit. I have 11.3.A.2.13 and appears to have been ok before on SRS site with that version. I have locked bootloader as said but no root success. Any ideas. Thank you for your time…and fast response before.

  • Moiy

    Thanks again, yes I followed all exactly, just cant get 1 of the exploits to say “success” like in the video. I think its a combination of Sony and my phone company taking ownership of phones we people pay for grrr, its an Xperia C1504 but same 11.3.A.2.13 that SRS tool has had success with on C1505’s. I know I havent missed anything..its just my phone. The newer they are the tougher they are making it. I had 11.3.A.2.1 on it with a notification for update to the 11.3.A.2.13, maybe I shouldnt have updated before I tried this, after all its becoming very clear that not all updates have any benefit to users these days, only the Makers and Telco’s, maybe it had stuff to stop this kind of thing. So anyone trying this I think the older your software and Xperia E is the more chance for success, after all they are making bootloaders harder and harder to unlock. Also I dont think you have to worry about charge level of your phone as it will be plugged into your PC and charging anyway while you do this. Dont worry Jedrzej…I thought it was a good idea too until I thought I should check and realised…hey its already charging.

    And to all you people who came to read this post by Ujjwal, be confident to use this, it will either give your phone root access or it wont. No damage to your phone regardless if rooting worked or not. A big thanks to Ujjwal for such a well written and clearly explained procedure. Even though the nasty teamwork of Sony and my Phone company make it near impossible to do rooting on my phone..its still one the the best written instructions you will find on the net. So well done, hope you go far in life mate, the world needs people like you who dont leave out the important parts. All the best..thanks again.

    • I guess you need to use the method where you have to unlock the bootloader.
      Also, thanks for the appreciation.

  • Pagz

    Hey, Im finding it hard to root my Xperia E, I have followed the steps but when I click root it says the ADB drivers have not been installed, I have made sure the correct settings are on my phone. Is there something I’m missing ? is their a certain way to install the ADB drivers, any help would be much appriciated thank you.

    • I have already included a link that shows how to install the ADB driver. Please check.

      • Pagz

        Yeah I followed that tutorial but still when I try to root it says the ADB drivers are not installed, when i get to the point of clicking the icon with the yellow ! I have two options, and I dont think either are right, also if i try just going on the portable device and updating that it says I already have the latest drivers installed. I’m not sure if ive just missed something or should I be using a different method, if you have any ideas that would be great 🙂

        • It seems you have connected it in media/file sharing mode. As I mentioned in the post you have to just connect in USB Debugging mode.

          • Pagz

            I have the USB Debugging checked in the settings, so how do I make sure it only connects in that rather then media/file sharing mode? I apologise for all the questions, I have never rooted before and am not the best with phones.

          • I can understand.
            Tell me one thing. What does your phone show when you connect it to the PC.

          • Pagz

            I plug the phone into the PC then auto play pops up, and on the phone itself a PC companion software pops up saying install or skip, if i install the pc companion it then says internal storage and SD card connected and USB debugging connected.

          • Uninstall the PC Companion and don’t install it again.. It is causing this issue.

          • Pagz

            I did as you said and it seemed to work, I was finally able to run SRS and it got really far but in the end it said it failed and I’m unsure why I did think it was the point where it asks you to restore your phone as it pops up saying restoring phone then one second later says restore ended, then on the pc it says click ok once restore is done but I wasnt sure if it had done it or not since it started and ended so quick. Again I’m confused, the reason I’m trying to root my phone is because i was told the only way to use my SD card to store games and apps on is to root my phone.

  • dini kaeka sari

    how long do we need to wait the “restore” process?

    • Not more than 5-7 minutes.

      • dini kaeka sari

        it ask me to input password on my experia e when it need to restore. what is the password? it takes more than 7 minutes to wait 🙁

        • Have you setup any desktop backup password?
          Also, is there no option to ignore it?

          • dini kaeka sari

            no i have not. and there’s only 2 option below the password, to restore or to cancel

          • Cancel the process and then restart your phone.
            After restarting go to System Settings > Developer Options > Desktop Backup Password.
            Ignore current password and enter new password.
            Save it.
            Then follow the process again and then when it asks for password, enter the password you created.

          • dini kaeka sari

            still it doesn’t work.
            below the password i put, i’ve been asked to input paswword again “if the restore data is encrypted, please enter the password below”
            and when i put the pasword in, there’e no action detected.

          • In reality I have no idea why this is happening.

          • dini kaeka sari

            yeah. well, thank you anyway. 🙂

  • gaz

    keeps wanting to reboot? on srs root

  • Sohail

    Thanks man, Great Root !!!!

  • sapeak

    why i cant choose aragorn or gandalf exploit??please help..:)

  • akshay

    jelly bean can be upgrade to new version 5.0


    It keeps rebooting my phone,and it wont root,i’ve done everything,, help me please

  • samudrasundar nag

    thanks bro this process worked 4 me…

  • uDJ

    Failed 🙁
    The exploit says !
    What to do man.!?

  • Harsh mehta

    keeps rebooting my xperia e phone 🙁

  • Reg

    SRSRoot-Setup.exe Virus detected. So I can’t download it. Has a virus attached itself to this or do I stop windows antivirus

    • Just disable the antivirus and try.

      Sent from my Nexus 5

  • Yan Yan

    hey brother this what happened to me. what im going to do?

    • Just connect one Android device to your computer at a time.

      • Yan Yan

        i knew it, but another problem brother error # 7 when i click an exploit

        • I cannot get any reference of error no. 7 in your previous comments.

          • Yan Yan

            so you dont have any ideas? do i need to update my system to .33?

          • Can you explain properly what problem you are facing?
            I might be able to help you then.

          • Yan Yan

            when i choose gandalf or the other one as my exploit, it says failed error #7 . do you get it brother? thanks alot for your patience

          • Yan Yan

            when i choose one of the exploits it says failed error #7. do you get it brother? thanks for your patience

          • Yan Yan

            in my device both exploits failed to connect it says failed #7. did yu get it brother?

          • I guess Sony has patched this method.
            I need to search and update. Wait for a few days bro.

          • Yan Yan

            uhm ok. thanks

      • Yan Yan

        i knew it. but another problem brother, ERROR #7 when i choose an exploit.