Flash Files Wirelessly On Your Android Device

Using Custom ROMs these days is a kind of fashion. People who know much about Android always have a custom Rom or MOD on their device. Traditionally to install/flash Custom ROMs on your device you need to download the ROM, connect your device through PC with a Data cable which is never found when required and then with the help of a flashing tool you flash the ROM on your device. This consumes a lot of time as well as energy. But how cool and awesome it would be if you could just flash files on your device wirelessly. Don’t worry as the new app RemoteFlash by XDA Senior Member Prl91 will help you to do so. And to use his application we will guide you.


  1. RemoteFlash PC V0.3 .jar
  2. RemoteFlash APK V0.7 .apk

How to Setup for the first time

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the required files.
  2. Put RemoteFlash APK on your device, install it and Reboot your device
  3. Run RemoteFlash PC on your PC.
  4. After Rebooting your Android Device, take a backup so it could be useful if anything goes wrong.
  5. Now you are ready to Flash Files

How to Flash Files

  1. To Flash Files you must have TWRP or CWM but the developer recommends to use TWRP. If the the file is not depending on build then you can use CWM.
  2.  Now make sure your device and PC are connected to the same wifi network, now open the java file which you downloaded and click on Auto Scan.
  3. That program will automatically search for your device. Choose if you want to Wipe Data/Cache. Then you would be prompted to select files which should be flashed.
  4. After Selecting the files the program will automatically flash the files on your device and there you go.

If you have any problems/queries feel free to post them in the comment section below


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