Everything you need to know about Google I/O 2015 event

Everything you need to know about Google I/O 2015 eventThis year’s Google I/O event took place in San Francisco where are a lot of amazing things were introduced by the company. A lot of new things are going to come for your Android devices, Android gear and new apps. Some updates were made to the available apps and many new features were also included. If you don’t know what happened at the Google I/O event have a peek below and find out the details.

Android M

Google finally announced about their upcoming operating system, Android M which looks much like its predecessor Android Lollipop. A lot of new features are introduced in Android M such as power optimization, app permissions and many new services. The developer version of Android M is available for Nexus devices and you can straight away install Android M if you are having developer access on your Nexus device. Google plans to launch Android M later this year.

Less intimidating app permissions

Whenever you install a new app you get a lot of permission requests. With Android M all the app permissions are going to become less intimidating as there are going to be few update categories where you won’t be asked to verify while installation.

USB C and better battery backup

For better battery life on Android devices, Google has introduced a new feature called Doze. Android M is going to use motion detection technology which will transfer the device in deeper sleep if it is inactive for a long duration of time. When you device is under dozing more you will still receive all important notifications and can also use alarms. Google confirmed that they received double battery backup on Nexus 9 running on Android M under the doze mode as compared to Nexus 9 running on Android Lollipop. Android will also support USB Type C.

Google Photos app

Google Photos app was made the native app of Android devices with the introduction of Android Lollipop. Google has completely revamped the Google Photos app where you can store unlimited photos and videos. You can store photos up to 16 Mega pixel and videos up to 1080p HD on your account. For better organization you can group them and tag them with your locations. Google Photos app is no longer only available for Android devices as it will be available for iOS and web too from today.

Offline Maps

If you are not having regular internet access we have a good news for you. Google has worked to make its products a lot better for countries which have poor connectivity. The streamlined search pages will load faster even if you are having a bad internet connection. You can already save videos from Youtube by using the Youtube offline features and now you can also save web pages in Chrome for offline use. You can also use Google Maps in offline mode by saving the maps and even get navigational assist even if you are not having an internet connection which is pretty cool. You will also get autocomplete searches, view reviews and other information.

Android Wear

Google has introduced many new powerful apps for Google Wear which will allow you to use them on your Android smartwatches. Google has also added a new feature which will help you in easily calling Uber cars. The screen of your Android smartwatch is always going to stay on with all the apps running in low power consuming black and white display mode. If you are going to use Google maps for navigation you will directly get the directions on your Android wear. A new app launcher is designed which will load the apps faster and easier.

Project Brillo

Project Brillo is a new operating system introduced by Google which will help smart devices to talk with one another. Google is planning to install it on the light bulbs, door locks and even thermostat of your home. There is going to be a built in support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Android Pay

Android has got its official payment gateway which is Android Pay. Android Pay is going to compete with the Apple Pay and is going to better than the Google Wallet. Using Android Pay you can easily make purchases using the NFC sensor of your Android devices. Android Pay will only run on devices running on Android KitKat or higher. At present Google has tied up with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon mobile networks. Android Pay is going to be available in more than 700,000 stores. If your Android device comes with fingerprint sensor you can use it for authenticating the payments.

iPhone compatible Google Cardboard

After the launch of Google cardboard, a lot of new smartphones were launched which came with bigger screens. Google is going to launch a new Google cardboard which is going to be compatible with devices which screen size of 6.0-inches. Google has made the SDK available for both iOS and Android operating system and launched a dedicated cardboard app on Apple iTunes App store. A lot of new apps and features were added to the new Google cardboard.

VR Camera Rig

Google has partnered with GoPro to develop a circular camera which will help in filming of VR compatible videos. Jump is the name given to the geometry of the rig and will be available this summer which will help you to build our very own VR camera. After recording videos, images with the camera, Google assembler will find the depth data from the images and will stich them together into a VR video. The assembler will take thousands of computers for stitching of images and will be limited to few people.

This is pretty much everything which was introduced at the Google I/O event 2015. Many amazing things were launched in this event which will help more users in connecting with Android operating system and Google efficiently. We will update you with more news about Android M. Keep visiting our blog for more updates.

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