Custom ROM for Micromax A52 Aisha – X-ZOOM v3

Ujjwal Kumar

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  • ny errors regarding this new C-ROM ????????

  • i hav format a patition for link2sd… my mc……….. if i flash the new Rom… thr ny complications regarding MC ???

  • Nirmik

    why does it take up sooooo much of internal memory? :/
    even the stock rom dnt! almost 65mb is already full!

    And how can i remove the boot sound? it keeps playing multiple times loudly!

    • Go to the source link and post your query.

      • Nirmik

        can you post the stock rom link so that i can get it back? i dint like the rom much! 🙁
        I dnt backup my custom rom…if you or anyone here could help me with getting it back?

        • Here’s the way to get back to Stock ROM.

          May I know why you didn’t like it?

          • Nirmik

            I dint like the GUI! I dont know system programing yet or how to make ROMs…else I would have made one! The grafix should really be stronger and better! like the Karbon A18 rom u posted for ecample…I mean I havent seen it fully but still…it looks cleaner, not very goddy!
            Though ICS has blue neon sort of texts etc, it has been carefully designed to not look somethin that will look goddy to eyes.The ROM developer, I feel, has failed to implement this.
            Its not that the ROM is bad.It is fairly nice, but atleast needs some polishing. There is a big review I can write but I would keep this comment till here 😉
            But I still appreciate the developer for developing this. Its not all that bad either! The battery Life, even after removing the battery app the developer had given! It(the battery life) is reallly hell awesome
            I would like to help any further development for this rom in the GUI part! I mean designing the GUI 🙂
            would like your views on the ROM and your thoughts on what I said. 🙂
            Thankyou 🙂

          • You can post your review on the XDA thread (source link).

          • Nirmik

            🙂 thanx for that heads up! I will 🙂

  • rohit

    after rooting how much space is freed up ??? any instant visible performance changes ???

    • Rooting has no relation with freeing up space.

      • sir aapne secure boot img ke bare mai nahi bataya

        • Just unroot via UnlockRoot and you are good to go.

          • what about secure boot.img soed it will be back automatic

          • It will still be the insecure boot.img and it is not much different apart from just 1 tweak to get it rooted.

          • what is that 1 tweak difference in both secure and insecure boot.img

          • I’m not the dev who found a way to root it. I’m just the blogger who wrote a tutorial for it. Go to the official XDA thread to know more on this.

          • ok thanks

          • rohit

            i just wanted to ask was that the current internal mem. available is appx is 165 MB. so will any change take place here after installing custom rom ? because the rom mem is 512 MB for this device. so where does the appx 350 MB space go ????

          • After installing you will gt around 110 MB free instead of 165 MB.

          • rohit

            thanks… so custom rom eats even more internal mem than the stock memory rite ??? thanks for being kind enough to answer all my queries.

          • Yes but mere 55 MB. But trust me, this ROM is worth flashing. It is better than the stock ROM with more new features.
            You are welcome to ask as many questions you want.

          • rohit

            one more thing…. what are the possible options i have if my internal memory runs full which will sure happen some time soon

          • You have Apps2Sd etc. to move apps. I don’t have this device so can’t answer much but here’s a group totally dedicated to this phone.

          • rohit

            Thanks a Lot….. Last question from my side
            How to Unroot this phone if the need occurs
            1)which file and software is required for unrooting ???
            2)from where can i get them

          • Here is how you can root your A52.
            You can unroot it again by the same software you used to root i.e UnlockRoot.

          • rohit

            that link is for the old one na ??? this current post is the new one na ???

          • This post is a guide to flash the new ROM and the post link I gave is about rooting A52.

          • rohit

            So let me get this striaght…
            what i need to do is to root a52 using that 25 th sept guide and then follow this guide to flash the new rom rite ???

            I need to follow only this guide ????

          • Root it first, install CWM and then follow this.

  • Nirmik

    hey, being new on XDA, m not allowed to post on the root thread…

    I am facing a nomewhat weird problem..If you could solve it or take it to the developer…

    When I select 3G network, my network signal indicator changes from ICS stiyle to GGB style!!

    Here is s screenshot –

  • Flash the X Zoom ZIP again. Don’t wipe data/factory reset this time. Just install it as ZIP. It will sustain your apps but replace the system files.

    • Nirmik

      I managed to get it without flashing.

      What I had done when I broke the UI – made a zip like this :- and then deleted the .zip

      Then i realised its not the correct way and then I did this :- made and then replaced .zip with .apk

      and it finally worked! 😛

      • Great! It feels great when you find a shortcut to solve a problem. So was it fixed?

        • Nirmik

          Yup! it was! 😛 🙂

          • Stay tuned to the blog for more such awesome posts. You can also subscribe to email feeds. Have fun!

          • Nirmik

            Can you or the dev get a way to install Gtalk or Talk on this device?
            i guess its done by booting in recovery! i had read it roughly somewhere!

            sorry if i am wrong! 🙂

          • No option to install from Play Store?

            Sent from my A18

          • Nirmik

            nope!! that app doesnt even show up in the store!! not even messenger! only g+ does…i guess they hav combined the g+ app with the g+ messenger…but i specificaly need talk as m not on g+
            n a gtalk apk i downloaded from somewhere also doesnt work despite being deodexed! after searching a bit i somewhere read that google provides a complete package for google apps which has talk in it…n also read somewhere that it needs to be installed from the recoverymode…

            checkout my contribution to the android world –

          • Search for gapps for your Android version. In your case it is 2.3.6 I think. Flash it in recovery mode.
            Take a back up before.

          • Nirmik

            how to exactly flash that? like go where in cwm n all?

          • It will be a CWM flashable ZIP. In cwm choose Install zip from sd card and install from there.

          • Nirmik

            ookayy!! thanx!! 🙂

          • Nirmik

            hey its done! thanx!! 😉

            did this –

            downloaded the only-gtalk zip file from here –

            placed it in the sd card

            boot in recovery.

            go to mounts > mount /system > mount /data

            go back > go to install from sd card > select the zip

            and Flash!!!

            done 😉

          • Great.

  • mohd nadeem Subhan

    help me please I can able to increase volume in radio.I flashed rom succesfully a few dayz before when I opened radio after some dayz itz opening but is mute I can able to increase its volume…….before flashing new rom it was working fine…..I even try to backup but again same problm so I uninstall fm radio apps and when try to backup data and apk frm titanium backup itz not backing up….plz help me wat to do shuld I install any other applction from play store???.

  • can you please make a custom rom for a57?? I will be highly thankful!!

  • Abhinav Pathak

    Guys I have manipulated my phone theme now the lockscreen style has changed to the old school plz help me

  • How could i uninstall x zoom from my phone Micromax A52

    • By restoring the nandroid backup you made before flashing.

  • satish

    there’s problem with clock and fm radio …and how to uninstall pre installed apps by xzoom.

  • Himanshu

    Can i swap this rom on my micromax 25 with cm6??

  • vishnu

    hey please help me …i tried many roms such as x-zoom,i-mode,x-treme
    droid etc…they all get successfully loaded .but now when i tried to
    re-load any of these ,they all remain same..nothing is changing…why this