Custom ROM for Micromax A52 Aisha – SuperStock52

Micromax A52 Aisha is an awesome Android Device from Micromax which comes with some very nice specifications at it’s price. This device had a very struggling and active development cycle.

Devs had a hard time rooting Micromax A52 AishaAfter the device was rooted, there was no stopping. ClockworkMod for Micromax A52 Aisha was developed soon.

After that it took a while for the first custom ROM for A52 to come out and it was named X-Zoom for Micromax A52 Aisha.

In this post I will share another great Custom ROM for Micromax A52 Aisha – SuperStock52.

After all performance is what matters the most. Nitish bhai has left the customization part for the user as different users have different taste.
Here is a ROM that focuses on performance and assures that you get it.

In this post I will show you how you can install the Custom ROM for Micromax A52 Aisha – SuperStock52. You can take a look at features and credits in the image below.

Micromax A52 Aisha

Downloads & Requirements

Make sure you fulfill the above mentioned requirements. Move the procedure section afterwards.


  • Move the downloaded flashable ZIP of Micromax A52 Aisha to your SD card.
  • Reboot into recovery mode by switching off the device and the holding Volume UP + Power button.
  • In CWM go to Mounts and Storage.
  • Now format: system, data and cache. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  • Go back to CWM home.
  • Choose install ZIP from SD Card. Choose the flashable ZIP from where you placed it.
  • This will start flashing Custom ROM for Micromax A52 Aisha – SuperStock52. This should complete within a minute or two.
  • Now again choose the SuperUser fix file and flash it.
  • After the installation is complete, just reboot your phone in the main Android interface.

Congratulations! You just flashed the Custom ROM for Micromax A52 Aisha – SuperStock52 successfully.

Update: Bugs fixed! Wifi and Data transfer problem resolved.

Update 2: SuperUser fix added!

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. You can find him writing posts related to Android most of the time but he also likes writing poems, short stories and other stuff. Mail him at ujjwal [at] droidextra [dot] org.

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  • screen shots plss………………



  • Raj

    I can see no changes in this rom, except the performance. The first rom xzoom 3.0 was far better than this one. A new rom should have some new features than the old one!! But everything is same on this rom!! So makes no difference to me.

    • Read the whole post and you will understand why the developers didn’t theme the ROM. This ROM was made with keeping performance in mind. Customizations can be done by the users itself. So yes, it does makes a difference.

      • Raj

        I am not talking about the themes!! I can flash themes from the developer’s website. I am talking about the features, such as ics lockscreen, ics style task manager, crt animation, etc… I hope u understand….

        • For getting these features you need to sacrifice the performance part. What is necessary for you? Performance or looks?

          • Raj

            OK i admit!! 😛

          • I was not trying to make you admit. I was just trying to explain. 🙂

          • Raj

            Yeah!! And that’s what i did!!!

  • saahas verma

    wifi stopped working tell me wat can i do

  • iso

    i appreciate your work,.,but untill the new custom rom doesnt support swap or overc locking .,,all custom roms for this phone allmost similar for me.,coz i still cant play the games that require more ram,.,and low ram is the only issue i m having with this phone.,.,.otherwise i never had an issue with the performance section of this phone with any custom rom included.

    • Then you will need to wait forever because the kernel source is not out so you can’t have a custom kernel that supports swap.

  • sachin nigam

    i tried this rom

    its having root problem
    evry root app is saying no root access found
    fix it

    • Fix added.

      • Guest

        Even after the fix, there are root problems. Then i rerooted my phone and the problem was solved!! 🙂

  • David

    Can u fix the super fix download link it says I need authorized download please fix this! !!

  • david

    The root fix still does not work it fails to open superuser please fix!,

  • dhanraj sharma

    I have to go to advanced option then mount system and then I have to format data and cache?

    • Format system, data and cache.

      • dhanraj sharma

        No need to wipe data and cache and no need to mount system ?

  • Yes go ahead.

  • dhanraj sharma

    Your rom is amazing but I want to increase the internal memory without using the sd card partition. Internal memory is the only issue I have

    • Nitish Kasar

      @dhanrajsharma:disqus : i think 98 mb is max internal space the ROM can spare because this device is having only 256mb ROM space . so without using ext3 partition on sdcard its not possible to get more free space