Custom ROM for Karbonn A21, Karbonn A9+ and Cherry Mobile Flare – DarkBoid ROM

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. You can find him writing posts related to Android most of the time but he also likes writing poems, short stories and other stuff. Mail him at ujjwal [at] droidextra [dot] org.

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  • narendra

    what is the pro and cons of this custom ROM ? does it work on A21 and has anyone have applied this

  • narendra

    has any one try this rom and what is pro and cons of this can one upload it and does it help in change of soun of karbon A21

  • Karoria

    I am using A9+. Kindly tell me whether stock ROM is OTG compatible? If not, this custom ROM is OTG compatible?

    • Karoria

      Nobody has given answer regarding OTG support. Anybody here who knows?

  • divengoal

    was not successful in a9+ (flare). boot loop. was lucky that I created image of the original ROM. will try again in another day.

  • narendra

    can you please tell how can i create image of the orignal ROM and how can i take backup of my orignal ROM of Karbon A21 can any one help..
    as i want to install this custom rom but before that i need to backup the oringal ROM

    • In CWM just take a backup. Then install the ROM.

      • narendra

        thaks for reply one more favour can you please tell if i have install this custom rom and i want to revert back to original rom how that be done

        • Just restore the backup from CWM.

          • narendra

            thks for reply

          • narendra

            well restore is not working when i try to restore the orignal rom

  • narendra

    hello is this custom rom stable what is pro and cons of it

  • manju

    hey friend plz tell me how to install cwm recovery on karbonna1+

  • akshay

    are there any roms for karbonn a7+,or will this rom work with karbonn 7+

  • saikiranB

    does this rom support Swap memory of Swap partition

  • narendra

    any new rom update has come on Karbon A21 i mean jelly bean …

  • suren

    How can i upgrade 4.1 jelly bean n karbonn a21?

  • Ajinkya

    Hey can I replace. Png files from system ui/res/ from my current ROM by taking. Png files from other ROMs

    • Contact the dev for that. The link is in source at the end of the post.

      • Ajinkya

        I have installed your SUPERSTOCK Rom and it works very well(Thank you) now can i replace .png files??

        • What exactly do you want to do?

          • Ajinkya

            See when you tap at the android version 4.0.3 the ics android appears
            I want to change the.png files such that the jellybeanAndroid will appear

          • Ajinkya

            OK. Thanks I have figured it out I have changed the Android Image of ICS to Red bean/Jellybean by changing the platlogo.png

  • rahul

    can i use it on karbonn a9

  • perry Italia

    hello sir my karbonn a21 is almost dead ..wn i power on it only shows powering on animation for long time and then switched off..i also hard reset ,reboot,clean cache and all method on power key and vol up button after red screen ,but problem continues,my computer also not detect it..wt should i do,?pls help..

    • Take it to the service center asap. They will fix it.

  • naresh

    HI ujjawal, i have rooted my karbonn a9 now i want to update it upto jelly bean so is there any rom availeble or is it possible?

    • There is no JB ROM for your device yet. By the way my name is Ujjwal 🙂 not Ujjawal.

  • younot me

    Is there a way to upgrade karbonn a9+ to 4.1.2/jellybean?

    • No and next time use a real email so that your email doesn’t go in Spam section.

  • Duryodhan Shrestha

    hello, Ujjwal Kumar Ji, thank you for the post I had tried your method before it worked. It installed nexus in my a21. but First I had a major problem with my network an then I couldn’t swap my memory as it again asked for custom rom. so just curious if we can really increase the ram of the device with this custom rom?

  • AniMysore74

    I have two questions
    1) Is there a way back to change to the original rom?
    2) Is it possible to install jellybean on my phone (A21)

    • 1. Take a backup in CWM so that you can roll back by just restoring the backup.
      2. No.

  • Amandeep Singh

    is there jelly bean update for karbonn A25 duple

  • Azar

    Hi ujjwal, I have a karbonn a9+ with me which does boot. the boot image loads and after that it does not show up. Please help.