Custom ROM for Karbonn A18 – SuperStock18

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. You can find him writing posts related to Android most of the time but he also likes writing poems, short stories and other stuff. Mail him at ujjwal [at] droidextra [dot] org.

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  • prashant singh rawat

    (y) nice n a hard work brooo ….. thnx a ton for cooking that rom for us all 🙂

    • You are welcome 🙂

      • thank u dude…feeling great that we have a great developer to my happy

      • shaikhmohammed hamza

        Statusbar Mod V1. Just flash it in CWM

        How to flash this???
        pls tell me>>>

        • Just flash the way you flashed the ROM.

          • shaikhmohammed hamza

            and that bugs: The message is showing that:-Unfortunately, has stopped working!!!
            What to do to fix this bugs

          • I have already mentioned in the post that you will have to follow all the steps. Read the post again and follow the points you missed.

  • drlokesh

    really great work…we know how u worked hard for this bro…

  • Amol Birje

    appreciated all your hard work behind this. A18 community is lucky to get a developer like you.

  • congratulations buddy….your Rom rocks….please do keep developing…

  • Hello everyone, i have flashed custom rom by ujjwal.

    May anyone give me feed back if you are able to stream radio from internet on karbon a18

    i want to stream radio to my handset from this website

    i have installed flash player for this but my phone not able to play radio from it.

    i have also download paid app of sikhnet radio from market and still i am not able to listen to radio.

    I think problem is our phone not able to play stream content over netwok.

    On my MMX a110 i am following same procedure and having no problem with playing from net or from app.

    may anyone test it our phone plz

  • slntrvr

    Awesome… smooth as butter …
    U rock man….

  • Apart from the audio there is no problem with the rom! I guess your already on it… Thanks again

  • mandeep

    i never installed any rom because i dont know much
    but may be i think this rom look like therom gven by karboonn?

    • Yes it resembles the Stock ROM by the appearance.

  • Do you mean DBK drivers or ADB drivers? You can download the Android SDK it will install the ADB drivers.

  • manjunath

    i am using windows 8 it is not detecting my phone witj this driver
    pleasse help me root my phone using phone applications

    • Download the Android SDK to get the ADB drivers.

    • ravi

      Just use superuser from market and its rooted

  • manjunath

    and also iam not able to g into recovery mode..

  • Mandeep

    please upload ur rom on mediafire
    i wantto download on fone

  • sumer

    Could You please make a galaxy s3 status bar mod for karbonn a18

  • another thing i realized… choosing the pattern lock screen and with it choosing dont show password does not work, it still shows the pattern in the lock screen. The GPS takes a lot of time to pinpoint the location!

    • I am not able to get your lockscreen part. About the GPS issue, it’s an issue with the stock ROM.

    • Use gps status app from playstore……it will speed up time to fix.

  • ravi

    Hey ujjwal downloaded ur custum rom..and its awosome…nice work u r doing..i suscribed ur blog and waiting for next update of jellybean..i know u make it soon because its about our both ph karbonn thing more ujjwal how to choose themes in this rom..anyway thanks bro…

  • Aman

    Hey your rom works great…
    I want u develope opengl es 2.0 for karbonn A18 and improve its graphics like nvidia tegra3 ..
    & why chainfire 3D pro 3.3 is not working on it…when i install egl drivers & reboot the phone chainfire 3D icon missing in launcher…

  • Hey here is a suggestion, in the next version replace the stock audio libraries with cm audio libraries and add awesome beats… Believe me it sounds much much better than just having beats audio libraries…. im using a sennheiser hd518 and now it sounds really good 🙂

  • any update?, what are the benefit of modded statusbar

    • I will work on version 2 after 12th. And the pic shows what the status bar mod does..

  • prashant singh rawat

    superb rm wid superb smooth ui n batter backup …… gr8 work 🙂

  • Ajinkya Kulkarni

    sorry i m noob
    but where or what is beats audio

  • 220+ after all processes are killed.

  • Does this new rom support Usb Drive Mounting option?

  • No.

    • Manu

      alright, thanks anyway! do you have any idea where i could find a custom rom for A11?

  • Sid

    Hey you made really cool rom and I’ve read ur making It’s second part please I request you to give it a jellybean update please.

  • Thiru

    hi Ujjwal, i have loaded superstock rom. But it is not shown as superstock 18 in about phone. how can i check whether i have installed it or not. It is Showing Build Number as: TUNA-S04A_UTL_L17EN_211_120806 . Pls to Clarify.

    • Follow the steps properly and do not skip any step.

  • I already mentioned that you will have to follow the steps properly. Read the post again and you will find the mistake you are doing.

    • Anjan Bhowmik

      No bro.. I tried 3times but same problem now showing has stopped. please fix it in your next release.

      • Tell me what steps are you taking. Also, I am damn sure you are not following the steps properly. How come it is working for others and not you?
        Just explain your steps to me.

        • Anjan Bhowmik

          1-mounts & storage–>format /system.

          2-wipe data/factory reset.

          3-Advanced –> wipe dalvik cache.

          4-Install ZIP from SD card.

          5-Choose the ZIP file names and flash it.

          6-reboot phone.

          7-After it boots up complete the setup. It will ask you to grant SuperUser permissions. Tap on Grant.

          8-After that open the ES file manager which is preinstalled. Open the settings of ES File Manager.

          Choose Root settings and check all the options. You will be asked to grant SuperUser permissions again. Tap Grant.

          9-/data/app and delete the

          10- go to /system/app and delete the

          I am doing same …. but same problem each time..

          • Download the Quick Boot app from the Play Store and do a Hot Reboot.

          • Anjan Bhowmik

            after a hot boot this problem been resolved…..thanks bro…..

          • Have fun!

          • Anjan Bhowmik

            yap bro .. its really cool rom…. thanks…

        • Anjan Bhowmik

          bro same problem… I tried several times

          • I am just not able to understand why you are facing this problem while others are not. Do one thing. Install Root Uninstaller from Play Store and tell me if you see any app named Latin IME. If you do then uninstall it.

  • Hello ujjwal!
    Got a problem with this one… 🙁
    it’s giving me an error while I’m trying to install it from the CWM. What am I supposed to do?
    Well, the error message is :-
    E:authentication failed
    E:verification failed.
    Installation aborted.
    And the Android in the background dies… 🙁 🙁 🙁
    please help me out.
    I have to restore my backup, nothing else.
    And yeah, if I want to install the CWM once again, then please mind that, I have windows 8 x64 on my computer.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

    • Use my tutorial to install CWM once again.

      • Okay.. I will do so.. But what about the drivers for Windows 8? Sorry man, but I’m a bit confused..

        • Do not worry. It is totally ok to ask questions!
          I have provided two methods to install CWM in that post. Use the second method.

          • Dear ujjwal, you are genius. Everything worked like a charm. I really appreciate your work. Thank you very much for such a sweet ROM. Well, just want to know that, why the “google” does not appear when I unlock the screen by sliding pattern? I mean in the launcher.
            again, thank you very much.

          • All I want to say is, I’m not getting the blinking JB launcher.

          • I didn’t include the JB lockscreen but you can download and install the Holo Locker from Play Store.

  • Anjan Bhowmik

    Bro some times its showing an error msg ” System UI unexpectedly stopped ” . then my phone is stopped working until remove the battery .. any solution bro???

  • Harsh Vardhan Mishra

    download link? ????

    • It’s already in the post.

      • Harsh Vardhan Mishra

        not working I guess…give me here

  • I’m using Karbonn A-18, ICS OS.
    I want to upgrade it to Jelly bean.
    I just downloaded custom rom from this link, but when i’m connecting my phne with my pc without battery it is not recoganised by my pc.
    pls help me out with dis issue.

  • Hey Ujjwal, One more issue while using flash tool “not all images are not properly loaded which may cause boot up issue”

  • Hey ujjwal,

    i’m using Karbonn A18,

    Just tell me the procedure to Root my phone this will be the 1st time i gonna do.

    after that how to use clock work mod

    • I already asked you to install SuperUser. Just install that and it’s done.

  • Aman

    Hey ujjwal when u are creat 2vs of this rom

  • Hello Ujjwal , Can you upload a video of this rom running on the karbonn a18 ?? Plssss……… 🙂 🙂

  • Pls Upload a video of this rom in action ……, pls… pls…

  • Hey Ujjwal , can u tell me what the status bar mod does ? And can u add the stock jellybean styled notification panel in your version 2 of this rom ???

  • Hey Ujjwal , Can u tell me what the status bar mod does ? and can u try adding the jelly bean styled notification panel with all it’s features in the version 2 on this rom …………. ??

  • hi ujwal i have an a18

  • i installed superuser and then downloaded an app which needed root, i opened the app and it says root access not available…and does this have anything to do with the developer options root access if it does wat shld i set it on apps only, ADB only, Apps and ADB only???? help me out i want to some how root my phone..

    • Update binaries and see if it works. But I have included the SuperSU app in this ROM.

  • Hey Ujjwal , i’m not talking of this rom now , have you experienced any huge battery drain when the phone is idle ?? , i have an issue with my karbonn a18 with the stock rom . my A18′ battery life drops by 90% when the phone is idle and fully charged . when i go to setting then battery , it shows tat battery used when phone is idle is 87 % !!!!! . now tats not normal at all . sometimes i run out of batery when fully charged within 3hrs without even touching the phone at all , and charging takes a long time , never experienced this problem , all this happened overnight .and there were no apps draining the battery Pls find a solution to my problem asap …. plss….. 🙁

    • Have you tried flashing the stock rom again?

      • I tried tat , but tat didn’t help . I did some research on the internet and i found tat many people have similar problems with their devices.. , here are the screenshots of my battery status . … Pls try to solve my problem .. struggling to get through an hour with my phone now 🙁 , I heard some people say about some wakelock problem or some background process tat goes out of control draining the battery without the user using the device .some peole say tat this problem may be tat the phone may be unable to go to deep sleep , i also tried caliberating the battery , even tat didnt help … pls solve my problem ……………… as soon as possible…….

        • Did you try flashing the stock ROM through SP Flash tool?

  • Anjan Bhowmik

    Can We get JB Update??

    • No.

      • bhavesh vyas

        Is it really impossible?

        Can u give some time to JB ROM?

        Sorry in advance, if its a silly question!

        • It is possible if we have proper Kernel sources of our phone but since we don’t have them it is impossible.

  • shaikhmohammed hamza

    hey ujjwal upgrade it to Jelly bean.

  • just installed cwm and custom rom superstock in my a18….thanx

  • bhavesh vyas

    Hey Ujjwal, I was going through your post, and its really appreciating ,

    But, Can you help me to install Google Now directly with changing ROM,

    Like copy pasting Apk ( will it install and work is i paste Google now apk to System App folder ) I am using Superuser and Root Explorer

    Thanks in advance!

  • Ajinkya Kulkarni

    hey ujjwal ,I have changed the platlogo.png (ics) to platlogo.png(JB) ,
    but after i tap the android version many times the JB android appears
    but it displays “Android 4.0: Icecream sandwich ”
    How to change the text ???

  • Jitin Sharma

    Hey Ujjwal..
    Thanks for the Custom ROM. I installed it few days back and I am enjoying using it without any bug. But plz can you fix that MIUI ROM. Look and feel of MIUI is really good and I want that on my karbonn A18.
    Thanks in advance.

    • It is not possible. Sorry.

      • jitin sharma

        Its ok bro. Thanks anyways..!!

      • MONISH

        friend am facing problem in zipping superstock file? can u help me?

  • Hey Ujjwal , Can u add Playstation mobile , photosphere feature in the camera app and add offile voice typing in the v2 of your awsome rom ?? And pls try to add features from android 4.3 if it gets released before releasing the v2 of this rom 🙂 😀

    • I am glad you liked my work. But the features you requested are IMPOSSIBLE to add and get working.
      Yeah, there is no Android 4.3 (as of 10 May 2013). 😉

      • Fine , Enjoying your custom rom . but , i always receive a message saying ” Unfortunately, Android Keyboard has stopped. ” before and after i use the keyboard . Can u tell me how to fix this problem….. ?? 🙂 😉

        • Read the post properly. The solution is already there.

          • Thanks . problem fixed 🙂 😀 . So, have you started working on the version 2 of this rom ?

          • I will not support this ROM anymore. Sorry.

          • Why ???? ;..( ;..( ;..(

          • Ujjwal Kumar

            Most of the things in the ROM and device is already good.

          • david

            How did you fixed your problem “Android Keyboard has stopped”. I can’t find anything on the post. Please help

          • Read the procedures section again and you will know how to fix it.

  • , have u already included this in the v1 of your rom ??? Or should I try installing it on my phone ( Karbonn A18 ) if u havn’t included this ?

  • vivek


    • No such problem. The headphones you get with the phone don’t really work.

  • velmuthukrish

    can u get exact jelly bean rom for karbonn a18 please

  • Thiru

    Hi Ujjwal,

    Any update available for this rom. some times system gets overheated-(over heated warning is poping up. Looking for Version 2. Thanks- Thiru

    • Overheating message is due to some problem in your battery/chipset. It’s not a software related problem. I suggest you to take your A18 to a service center as soon as possible,


    Hey Ujjwal Bro Pls tell me How do u get that weather Widgets!!!

  • Koc

    hi, your c rom ist great, but my wifi and bluetooth does not work, i tried everything. after restore my old rom both work fine. do you have an idea? my device is an AT-AS43D2, should be a karbonn a18.

    • That phone is almost the same except the combo chip. Your device uses MT6628 and ours uses MT6620.
      This combo chip contains bluetooth, GPS, wifi and FM chips so that is why it is not working.

      • Koc

        ahh that explains it. Is there a easy way, to make your rom compatible?

        • I am not sure because these drivers are incorporated inside the kernel.
          You can try replacing the boot.img of this ROM with that of your device. It might just work.

          • Koc

            i just tried, it stucks in a bootloop. so i have to use the stuck rom from my device. Thanks for your help

          • Not a problem. Do visit us regularly. We post more than ROMs & Rooting 🙂

          • Kimi Morgam

            MAN, I HAVE CCE SM 70


  • Droid

    Hey Ujjwal, Could you please upload CWM zip version for the stock ROM as well???? Its easier to flash stock ROM that way

    • Hello
      I do not have the device now so it won’t be possible to upload the ZIP.

  • Mihir Deshmukh

    Dear Ujjwal, you are doing a fantastic job. Really appreciating your passion and hard work. But i have a question, as i read below that you don’t have this device anymore, but still could you please help me out?
    Actually i have downloaded the v10.1 (that is Android 4.2.2 JB) of Cyanogen Mod custom ROM and i want to install it to my Karbonn A18. Is there any way possible can i install this Cyanogen Mod ROM? Because i tried it from CWM just like this ROM’s procedure, it gave me an error. Any idea how can i fix this? Or rather upgrade with Cyanogen Mod ROM?
    Thank you.

    • Hi
      It is not possible to get JB on this device because of the lack of sources.

      • Mihir Deshmukh

        Yeah, switch to a different phone, that’s the only option or perhaps I’d continue with this for few months. Thank you so much!
        Well, just wanna know an android geek’s opinion. Which one should I buy as my next android device? Thanks. And loving your blog by the way! 🙂

        • Thank you so much Mihir. Your words mean a lot to me and the whole team.
          As for a suggestion I will always recommend someone to go with the Nexus line up. I am a real good fan of Nexus devices by Google.
          If you can wait for a few months then I think you should go for the upcoming Nexus 5.
          Or if you are really in a hurry I will suggest Nexus 4.

          • Mihir Deshmukh

            Yes! I’m a huge fan of Nexus as well! I’m really very impressed with the latest Nexus 4! And I will wait for the upcoming Nexus 5. Because KitKat always tastes best! 🙂
            Jokes apart, but really thank you to you and your entire team! Feels like I’ve got a new friend!
            Sorry if I’m being too personal. Thank you so much by the way!

          • Come on Mihir. Lets not be formal here 🙂
            You are always welcome. It is really great to know that people appreciate what we do.
            Do like our Facebook page because we are about to launch a giveaway soon!

          • Mihir Deshmukh

            Yes! I’ll hit the like button right away on Facebook! The best thing I love about your blog/website is, the design and the language you use to explain “how to” do the steps. It is a real delight to read and get understood with such a lucid language. Thank you so much mate for that!
            Now on, I’ll be in touch with you. And please do help me out if I’m stuck anywhere. Because I’m still a newbie to this android development. 🙂

          • Sure thing!

  • Gnaneshwar Gani

    hai ujjwal bro…..

    i had a problem with my mobile i.e., karbonn a18..
    my phone was boot strucked and no rom was installing or restoring….

    as i had unfortunately deleted the contacts and dialler.apk file from root uninstaller…
    but my mobile gots into cwm recovery……
    pls help me bro…. what i should do now… restoring process says”error restoring system/packages.xml,,, what should do now…

  • Ani khan

    First of all it is a pleasure to see a tech guy like you who do blogs for users like us who unaware of things. I want to install CWM and tried many sites but finally got install from yours manual way (not know why it not installed from non PC way :P).

    Just i have one request and one question..The question is that in Mods section u had given “Statusbar Mod V1”, can i get more mods like this and if u can provide any link it will be helpfull 🙂 and request is that upload more custom roms for Karbonn A18 . Will follow yours fb page. Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for the appreciation, Ani. I really appreciate it. I don’t own this phone anymore so I cannot make more mods like this. Sorry.

  • sam

    do u have custom rom for karbonn a6??

  • Ani khan

    I have one problem friend..i had format my system but by mistake format sd card after it too and now i cant install rom because it was in sd card and karbonn A18 got stucked in welcome page.Any way to get it fix friend.

  • saugata kar

    Will this work for Karbon A6 ? Is there any custom Rom for Karbon A6 bro ?