This bored teen hacked T-Mobile’s network for free unlimited data

Ever been so bored that you just go ahead and hack stuff?

Jacob Ajit is probably one of those people who tries to look into and hack things when he gets bored. This guy hacked T-mobile’s network to get himself free unlimited LTE data. No, he did not do this by hacking into the T-mobile’s system. There was a surprisingly easy workaround to get the unlimited data on T-mobile’s network and Jacob just snooped for things around and found a way to get things going.

As per Jacob, the T-mobile’s network has an always on LTE data connection that one can use to choose and buy plans from T-mobile. However, the data connection only works with T-mobile’s website and apps. Jacob soon found out that the T-mobile network allowed app to work on their network without any plans chosen.

Jacob did some research on how works and he came to a conclusion that T-mobile was just allowing connections from networks that had /speedtest in the URL. Now, this was interesting.

Jacob set up an online proxy using Glype that allowed him to access anything on the LTE connection from his T-mobile network without any plan chosen. This meant that he was able to access anything on the internet without paying a penny to T-mobile.

Now, Ajit has already contacted T-mobile regarding this and wants to help them to fix it. However, there has been no replies from T-mobile’s side yet.

If you would like to know the deeper details on how Ajit came around to this and how he hacked this whole system, you can visit his Medium page to read about his adventure with T-mobile.

Ujjwal Kumar

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