Bencho! – An App That Let’s You Share Stuff in Delhi Lingo

I’m from Delhi.

Actually, I live in NOIDA but ask anyone who lives in the NCR and they’ll say they are from Delhi. Delhiites have a reputation of being some of the most rude people in India and that is kind of true.

We Delhi people have our own lingo that we like to use with our friends. How cool would it be if some app takes the whole idea of using the Delhi lingo and gives a separate platform to people to use it.

This is where this new app named Bencho comes in.

It’s basically a combination of two apps – Secret and a messaging app.

You just use your phone number to verify and start using the app without entering any other data.

Bencho – Overview & UI

The app has just two parts – Feed and Beep.


It’s just like using the app named SecretYou can just post anything that’s on your mind and see what other people using this app have been posting.

As the concept of this app is quite amusing, stuff that people will be sharing are amusing as well. But seriously, this app shouldn’t be used by kids as the content may contain inappropriate stuff.


The app will look up people in your contact list who are also using Bencho and then you can send them messages through this app. Idea is clearly taken from the app that went viral few weeks ago. The name of the app was Yo! which basically just allowed users to send Yo! to people in their contact list.


The User Interface is really mediocre and needs some proper polishing. Scrolling is a pain and I guess they don’t have a proper phone number verification system.

Crazy, right?

The app is built by a “group of IITians” who are quite shy to not reveal themselves in public. Anyway, I would be surprised if this app gains any traction other than being just a few days of amusement to people.

Download Bencho from Play Store.

Ujjwal Kumar

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