Backup your app data, texts and call logs on Android without root

In this post I will show you how to Backup your app data, texts and call logs on Android without root easily.

So, I was looking for a way to root my Nexus 5 and I found out that I will have to unlock the bootloader first. Unlocking the bootloader means my Nexus 5 will reset itself as if it was fresh out of the box and it means I will lose all my phone data such as apps, text messages, app data and other thing. Sucks, right?

Well, it’s the way it is and we all know everything is possible with Android. So, I had to find out a way to see if there was a way to backup all the data before unlocking the bootloader.

This is a simple tutorial that I have tried personally and I guarantee that it works.

Backup your app data, texts and call logs on Android without root

Unfortunately, there is no built in way to do this (or am I missing something? Let me know!) in the Android system but the Android developers being awesome have made a few awesome apps to do these things.

We will one by one see how to backup apps with their data, SMS and Call logs using simple apps in this tutorial.

Backup Apps with App Data – Helium for Android

We will not be backing up the apps onto the phone but in this tutorial we will backup the apps with their data directly to our PC.

This requires you to to the following things:

Install these respective things on your Android device and PC W.R.T the respective OS. I’m running Windows so I downloaded the Windows installer.


  • Open the Helium app on your Android device.
  • Tap the three dots on the right top corner on the app interface and choose PC Download.

  • You will now see a new screen that looks similar to this. The address will be different.

  • Enter the address in your PC’s browser and it will open a new window which shows all the apps you have on your phone.

  • Scroll down and select the apps that you want to back up.
  • You have the option to back up only the app data or apps + app data and it will be done.
  • Choose the apps from the backup section. I have chosen 5 apps for this demo.

  • I am choosing to backup apps + app data. But if you just want to backup the app data then don’t forget to click the check box saying Backup App Data Only.
  • Now, click the blue button that says Start Backup. It will download a file named which will contain all the data and apps.

  • This is all you need to do to backup your Android apps with app data.
  • To restore your Android apps with app data just go to the restore section and choose the ZIP and let it do it’s job.

This is it. The apps have been backed up with their app data.

Backup SMS/Messages – SMS Backup & Restore

This one is a really small process and will need just one app to install.

Download SMS Backup & Restore on your Android device and follow the procedure.


  • Tap on Backup button and choose the path and name you want to save the backup to.

  • By default, it will be saved to a folder called SMSBackupRestore.

  • It shouldn’t take more time and it depends on how much messages you have right now.

  • Just use the Restore option to restore the messages and it will be done in sometime.


Backup Call Logs – Call Logs Backup & Restore

There is a really similar app to SMS Backup & Restore named Call Logs Backup & Restore. It works in a similar way and does the job.


  • Choose the path where you will save the backup and tab OK.

  • You can rename the file if you want to. Tap OK.

  • Let it complete the backup.

  • The app will show a success dialogue after the backup is complete.
  • Just use the Restore option to restore the call logs and you are good to go.

So, there you go. This was a simple guide to Backup your app data, texts and call logs on Android without root. If you still have any doubts then just comment below and I’ll make sure I answer all your questions.

Ujjwal Kumar

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