Top 5 Awesome Free UCCW Minimal Skins – The Ultimate List

We will talk about the Top 5 Awesome Free UCCW Skins in this post.

When it comes to customization, we all know that Android rules them all. The options of customization that Android provides right out of the box is amazing.

You don’t like the dialer? Replace it with some other dialer from Play Store. You don’t like the stock Messaging app? Download another one from the Play Store.

After all, the phone is yours and it should work the way you like it to. For hardcore customizers who want to customize more things like the launcher, widgets there are many options available.

In this post we will be talking about Top 5 Awesome Free UCCW Skins.

Before proceeding any further let me tell you what exactly UCCW is.

What is UCCW?

UCCW or Ultimate Custom Widget is a WYSIWYG editor for Android that lets you create your own Widget. Create a whole new Widget by using custom fonts, images, colors and what not. Use these to create widgets that show info like time, date, weather info and other things.

Basically it will let you create a widget that you have always imagined.

All this without the need of Rooting or decompiling APKs and other stuff. Amazing isn’t it?

In this post I will cover Top 5 Awesome Free UCCW Skins. I will be covering the skins which look minimalist without any fancy stuff or anything. All these skins can be found on the Play Store.

Before moving any further head over to Play Store and install UCCW.

Top 5 Awesome Free UCCW Skins

Sense 5 Clock

As the name of this skin suggests, the skin copies the Sense 5s’ Stock Clock & Weather and brings it to other phones via the UCCW.

This widget looks cool and shows time, date, weather and location. Here is a screenshot.

MotoBean Clock

This is a beautiful minimalist UCCW Skin that looks great in 4×2 widget form. It shows date, time, weather info and battery level all together in a beautiful widget.


Lines Clock Free

This is another great UCCW Skin. As the name suggests the widget uses some minimal design which is based on a couple of line design.

It shows time, date temperature and weather info. Here is a screenshot.

Circles Minimal

This UCCW Skin is another beautiful widget skin with a minimal design. The widget, as the name suggests shows 3 circular sections in the same widget.

One section shows date, another one shows time in an analog clock and the third one shows the temperature. Here is a screenshot.

BatteryProgBar Light

As the name of this skin suggests the skin focuses more on the battery stats but it does show other stuff like date and time. There is no section for showing weather info but we still love it. It is worth checking out. Screenshot is shown below.

So this was a list of Top 5 Awesome Free UCCW Minimal Skins. I will soon upload a video feature all 5 of these skins. If you have any doubt then get them cleared in the comments section below.

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