Top 3 Must Have Apps For Rooted Android

The most important task of an Android user to harness the real  performance of their devices, speaking technically utilizing its utmost CPU, RAM, GPU capabilities. As Android is derived from the linux family, providing overall control over every hardware provided to it, requires  a special  permission known as SuperUser access. After gaining this superuser grant you own your device in the real sense. But only gaining superuser grant is not sufficient main actions starts after that like tweaking the kernel, memory management, modding the UI and so on.

Doing all this stuff manually is not that much easy, but thanks to some great  developers who crafted some apps to automate this  process.

So keeping  that in mind,  Top 3 essential  apps, that should be installed on your rooted Android device,to harness the power of your device as follows.

  • ROM Manager.
  • ROM Toolbox lite.
  • Link2sd.

1) ROM Manager:

After rooting an android device, the one the most important thing is to take backup of existing ROM. So here ROM Manager  provides this vital feature to Backup/Restore Previous ROM. In  addition to this it provides following features.

PS: You must have Clockwork Mod Recovery in your android device.

  • Fix Permissions
  • Install ROM from sdcard(.zip ).
  • Restore Apps/Data/sms.

Get it!!

2) ROM Toolbox Lite:

After ROM Manager app, second important app is ROM Toolbox Lite/ROM Toolbox Pro. Along with features like fixing permissions, wrong permissions set are  major reason for forces closes. Also you can tweak your kernel, to get optimum performance. It has got two versions, ROM Toolbox Pro which is paid version and ROM Toolbox Lite is free version. The  Free version many feature except some. Following are the options  provided by the app. It is advised that take a ROM  backup before you use this app ,if any thing goes wrong you can revert backup.

  • App Manager.
  • Scripter.
  • Terminal Emulator.

Get it!!

3) Link2SD:

Now coming onto Link2sd, before that let’s consider you have bought android device having  less amount of user space and go on installing your favorite apps and finally at one stage the phone runs out of memory to store new apps/data . Then your usual action would be to uninstall some apps. This app will help you solve this. This actions use Link2sd and install as much apps you want until your sdcard gets filled up. It links the app to your sdcard. Apart  from this it provides some more additional features.

  • Freeze App.
  • Move App to SD (it can move apps that are not movable  with app2sd).
  • Convert normal Apps  to System Apps.

Get it!!

You can expect a new post in which we will show you the detailed how-to guide for using  these apps (and maybe more!).

So carefully use  the apps stated above, and Harness the power of your Android devices. Please let us know your reaction for this post . Stay Tuned to DroidExtra.

Ujjwal Kumar

Ujjwal is just a simple guy who likes to be happy and likes to write various different kind of stuff. You can find him writing posts related to Android most of the time but he also likes writing poems, short stories and other stuff. Mail him at ujjwal [at] droidextra [dot] org.

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