Top 10 Xposed Framework Modules – Ultimate Compilation

Top 10 Xposed Framework Modules

Xposed Framework is something new and trending right now across the ‘rooted’ android user. With Xposed framework you can get some tweaks on your custom ROM without need of modifying APKs, which means you dont need the hassle of installing a custom ROM on your device for just getting some tweaks on it. For this method, there are several Modules available on the internet but we will tell you the top 10 modules which will make your device awesome, like I am.

Read more about the Xposed Framework here.

Xposed StatusBar Mods

As the name tells, this module is used to Mod your status bar, which means you can change your status bar as you like. This module is mainly designed for HTC one but it can also run on other high end devices. Some of the features are:-

  • Change Clock Color
  • Add AM/PM to Clock
  • Make status bar fully transparent or make a dividing line of 1 pixel.


This module is very simple but still it is very helpful. If you are annoyed by the annoying notification saying ‘Lost Data Connection During Roaming’ then this module is made for you. By this module you will not see that notification and you would be not annoyed any more.


Don’t get a naughty smile on your face by the name of Module. This Module prevents other app on your phone from leaking personal data such as credit card numbers, phone number etc.


Does your phone takes a long time to boot? If yes, then you have found the right module. With this module you can choose which apps would be started at the time of Boot.


This module is little similar to RoamNotifyNoMore, but this app gives you wide range of notifications which you can stop from being showed on your notification bar.


This Module allows you to increase/decrease volume in 30 steps. That means you would be able to get the perfect volume of sound everytime.

Advanced Power Menu

This module is very helpful to those who love to go to recovery or do different types of reboot. This Module gives you some new option in power menu like-

  • Reboot
  • Soft Reboot
  • Reboot in recovery

Gravity Box

This module is designed for them who want their stock ROM to be modified into a Custom ROM. By this module you can add several tweaks to your vanilla Android and get the fun of custom ROM on Vanilla.

Maximize Lock screen Widgets

This module allows you to maximize the lock screen widget and make their beauty spread across you lock scree. And If you want to minimize them, you can easily do that while unlocking.

Smiley Replacer

This is an awesome Module which helps you to replace the boring smileys of SMS with the custom made Smiley Packs and make you get rid of those old and boring smileys.

This was our list of Top 10 Modules but if you know any else module which you would like to tell us then make sure you tell it to us in the comment section below.

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