Install Clean Android 4.0 ICS on Micromax Funbook

Ujjwal Kumar

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  • Saurabh Jain

    Hi.. Thanks for this wonderful post.. Can you pls explain the procedure to backup all apps using titanium backup as well ?? It will be of great help.. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • I’ll write a separate post on your topic really soon.

  • ali

    aftr installing this fresh ics on funbook……i m unable to download yahoo messenger + facebook android from google play market????????????? y?

    • I have seen many people experiencing similar problem. Have you tried the Allwinner mod? Download it from Google Play store and try again!

      • ali

        plz………………..bhai…..solve this issue —-i liked the this r.o.m very very much….the only problem it giving is that many cool apps like ( skype, facebook,yahoo,youtube,adobe etc r unable to download ).

        please help to solve it

      • ali

        plz………………..bhai…..solve this issue —-i liked the this r.o.m very very much….the only problem it giving is that many cool apps like ( skype, facebook,yahoo,youtube,adobe etc r unable to download ).

        please help to solve it

  • Dr Abhilash Krishnan

    after installing Clean ICS by this method do we have to root our Funbook…??/

  • Dr Abhilash Krishnan

    rom is good and super fast but has some issues with app download and installation………had trouble with installing youtube and twitter and IMDB………

  • rk

    plz help.after installing clean ics, whenever i go to recovery mode, volume up/down button does not works. so i am not able to choose any options. i want to install jetmod but for that first i have to enter into recovery mode and then factory reset and other steps…

  • arjun

    cant download the part1 and part2
    plz re-upload it

  • Akshay

    n can u pls provide the stock mod also.

    • Both Cyanbook and this ROM has full Play Store support.

  • arjun

    can i use gsm sim in tata photon plus

  • praveen

    this clean ICS gave a blank screen even though the comp says device connected. Any ideas??? (btw i used the micromax funbook pro)

    • So basically you ignored the very first sentence in this post and went on to try this on your P500. Read the first sentence and you will find out it is only compatible with P300.
      You also went on to call me a fraud in your last comment in the ClockworkMod for P500 post. Great!
      This shows you have the habit of skipping instructions and not reading the full tutorial before trying it on your device and when something goes wrong you come back to call me a fraud.
      Anyways, it is my duty to help you (because you asked me to). So, go back and install ClockworkMod for P500 from here:
      Just connect the tab to your PC and perform the above tutorial on your tab.
      Install it, it will be installed, trust me. After that flash this ROM on your P500:
      Follow the steps properly. You will have a proper and working tab with this ROM. Its a JellyBean ROM you may like it.
      If not, then again boot into CWM and backup your current system.
      Boot into the Android system again and download the stock ROM from this post again:
      After downloading and extracting, move the extracted files to /clockworkmod/backup/ in your sd card which is inserted in the tab.
      Again boot into CWM and restore this backup.You will have a working stock ROM with working CWM back.
      Don’t blame me now.. You have yourself made it complex.

  • Thank you so much !!!

  • Sir, I need your help. My tablet is dead. I mean it only shows the big battery symbol not charging.

    I tried the Live Suit method. Problem is that I’m not able to INSTALL THE USB DRIVERS FOR THE UNRECOGNIZED DEVICE. Keeps giving an error and some problem has encountered and USB drivers could not be installed message sadly.

    I’m using 64-bit Windows 8. What do I do? Desperately need to revive my P300.

    • I think your battery is dead and that’s what is creating the problem. The USB drivers for 64 bit is also included.
      You can try on a Windows 7 PC if it doesn’t work then you have to take it to the service Center.

      • did it. installed it and revived my tablet.

        Only CWM is giving problem now.Unable to install it with any method

        • I have a tutorial to install CWM as well. Try that method, I have written some troubleshooting tips.

          • yup did. will try again tomorrow though. thanks!

  • varun

    I have funbook talk my os has crashed Wat to do sir

    • Try to find stock ROM or else go to service center.

  • prithviraj singh

    Sir, I need your help. My tablet is dead. I mean it only shows the big battery symbol not charging.

    I tried the Live Suit method. Problem is that I’m not able to INSTALL THE USB DRIVERS FOR THE UNRECOGNIZED DEVICE. Keeps giving an error and some problem has encountered and USB drivers could not be installed message sadly.

    I’m using 64-bit Windows 8. What do I do? Desperately need to revive my P300.
    sir im using windows 8 pro ,n one more thing I have a backup of original rom of funbook from cwm can u please suggest me the way to flash my original funbook please. can contact me @

    • Your battery may be dead. Take it to the service Center.

  • prithviraj

    sir its continuously showing battery signal again and again even if I put it to charging ,once I had put its battery less than 1% and it was running an custom rom named cyanbook v4 which was working fine .but from that day if I put It to charging via charger or even usb it shows that horrible signal ..please help me

    • As I said, I think your battery is dead. It’s not related to Cyanbook. Just take it to the service Center.

  • prithviraj

    according to you if it was battery problem there would have been no charge at all and it would not switch onn.but evey time I put the power button on it shows that signal and even when I put it on charging>please guide me a way should I try flashing this thimgh or should I go to service center where I can get flashed.

    • I am still asking you to go to the service Center. That will be the best.

  • prithviraj singh

    im asking you because I don’t trust those guys they say some thing and it has some thingh.that’s it i’ll try my best tom going to service center.according to you dose it takes much time to repair my case

  • sakthi

    thank you very much now my funbook is fast and good

  • Salaimani

    after install clean ics on my funbook,how can i replace my original funbook rom? i want quick reply! can i replace original micromax funbook stock rom???

    • If you have a previous CWM backup then install CWM and restore it. Else email me I’ll tell you a way.

      • Salaimani

        I dont have the CWM backup! plz tell the way to restore and post your email,my email is “”

        • Email me at ask (at) so that I can help you further.

  • reddy giri

    my tabIet is p300, after install clean ics on my funbook,how can i replace my original funbook rom? ,dont have the CWM backup! plz tell the way to restore and post your email,my email is “”

    • You should have taken a back up. Email me so that I can help you further.

  • Alpesh

    I have rooted my funbook pro. After rooting i am facing problem. When i restart tab it resets completely and erases all app. Also unable to install many apps.Us this virus.

  • Why aren’t you taking it to the service center?

  • nishant

    i want to do something new on my tab and i installed cwm manager i opened it and there was some thing download rom when i opened there was super user and cwm and in that i found some downloads i download it and click to reset on rebboot and my tablet has changed and its not a good upgradation it has a drop down menu but its basic older functions are more better what to do and how not familiar with these stuff plz help……

    • Either install this or install some other ROM.

  • Great!

  • Kamaraj

    it is very simple to do this following the steps provided, did it today. earlier my funbook doesn’t boot frequently, have to use factory reset to boot again. Installed clean ICS ROM today, wait and see the performance…

  • Yuvraj Thapa

    This tutorial is just awesome! I installed it on my micromax p350. Its working fine but still some issues are there. So i need a rom for micromax p350. Anyone having this rom , please share it with me.

  • Nikhil Parihar

    can u give me stock rom or cwm backed up file for micromax funbook talk p350

    • I do not have the device. I’ll try to find but no promises as of now.

      • yuvraj thapa

        thank u mate for the kind response! please let us know when the stock rom for funbook talk is released!

    • yuvraj thapa

      I’m also looking for the same one……..

  • Kamaraj

    Auto rotate screen is not working after this update, can you help?

  • sakthi

    same problem auto screen rotate isnot working and i cant play tilt games

    • did u solve the problem of not tilting and auto rotate not working ???i m also having same problem … to ge rid of it

      • I am not the developer of this ROM. I cannot fix it.

  • sakthi

    plz help

  • yuvraj

    auto rotation, tilt i.e. g-sensor is not working….. please help !!!!

  • what is the best custom rom for p300??

    • The Tata Photon+ dongle will not work in any of the Custom ROMs and the CyanBook JB ROM has some HWA problems and other ROMs are pretty much the same.

  • Ankur

    please bro help me if it is possible to make it to suport tata photon
    reply me soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sudhakar Dubey

    Micromax P300 flashing done. easy way great job…..yaar….thanks a lot…

    • Glad I could help. You can like our Facebook page and subscribe for email feeds to get updated.

  • Kshitij

    Sir my micromax tab p300 is showing battery error signal . I charge it numerous times. but as soon as I connect the charging it shows the triangle error and screen goes off. What to do ?

    • Hello Kshitij
      I got your message as well. I was going to reply as soon as I reached home. Anyways, I think your battery is dead. Take it to the service center.

      • Kshitij

        One guy earlier in your forum had this problem too. How did that got resolved ? He said he did somehing flashing or all?

        Here is the convo

        “did it. installed it and revived my tablet”.

    • Kshitj

      I had installed the jellybean update v4 . It worked fine for 2 days ! And how long is the battery under warranty ?

      • Jellybean ROM has nothing to do with your problem. Call the Micromax customer care. They will provide you more details.

  • KShitij

    Again and again shwoing usb device not recognized

  • krishna

    Hi actually my usb drivers are already installed and t was detecting i dont want to do that usb driver process. but how can i get that popup alert to flash my micromax P300 tab without usb driver process. Can i flash by copy pasting that img file on to my sdcard from recovery mode.

    • Follow the steps properly. There is no other way to do it.

      • krishna

        ya now am able to flash ICS and it is done but the thing is i wait for 10mins after flash but unable to see anything on my tab.

        • 1. Are you sure your device is P300?
          2. You can see I have given a screenshot in the post so that means you are doing something wrong in the steps.

          • Krishna

            1. I am using Micromax funbook P300 10inch.

            2.Intially downloaded all the 6 tarballs from the above links.

            3.Downloaded livesute and extracted it.

            4.Navigated to extracted folder and invoke livesuite.exe file.

            5. here am able to see application opened. here i placed the image file which was extracted from 6 traball.extracting part1 extracted all the 6 tar balls.

            6.Connected device to PC with the steps mentioned above.

            7.After successful updation waited for 10 mins till nothing is displayed.

          • Sorry to say but you are wrong at the very first point. Read the post again I have mentioned that this tutorial is only for Micromax Funbook P300 which is a 7 inches tab.
            The tab you are using is Micromax Funbook Pro P500 so this tutorial is not valid for your tablet.

          • Krishna

            Ok if know how to do flash for 10 inch can you please tell me. actually am very much worrried about this tab this is my uncle’s tab i need to get it back to its original state.Please help me out.

          • Download the new img for P500 from here:
            use the same method but use this img file. Do not worry about the malware warning. It’s false alert.
            Do like our Facebook Page and subscribe to our email feeds for further updates.

          • Krisna

            Ya thanks for the response i have already subscribe for that thanks a tone.

          • Best of luck.

          • krishna

            Hi ujjwal now this time when am trying to update my usb driver its says “your drivers are already updated” then how can i get the update popups on top of livesuit.Am unable to get those popups and when am trying see my usb driver status in Device manager its showing unknown device.Please help me out.

          • Try on some different PC.

          • Krishna

            Hey ujjwal is there any chance that i can uninstall the driver and install it again??

          • Yes there is. Search for “uninstall hidden drivers on Windows7/8” and follow.

          • Krishna

            Hi Ujjwal thanks for help, but after updating OS(ICS) also i dint get my auto rotation to work.Please help out for this issue.

          • In the image I gave you?

          • Krishna

            Hey ujjwal i have used the same image file for flashing even after that also i dint get my autorotation to wok.Is there anything special i have to do for automation to work.

          • It’s a bug in this ROM.

          • Krishna

            So it there any solution for that???

          • No.

  • Murali

    Hi ujjwal i have flashed ICS on my micromax P300 tab successfully but after successful flash am able to see blank/black screen but when pressing volume buttons am able to heard some sount in my tab.please help me and solve this asap.

    • Can you please explain your problem more? Thanks.

  • Aditya R

    After update is over I can just see a blank screen
    On booting

  • Aditya R

    does siddharthha understand telugu, u r replying in telugu

  • Aditya R

    Wow Bro it works as magic to my funbook pro
    Thanks to u a lot. Really u r cool

  • auto rotation, tilt i.e. g-sensor is not working…. why dont u so called editor in cheif of does not mention this thing……very foolish person to develop this ROM……and also has no answer to people whose tilt is not working ….some on man shut down your shop……

    • Ok Mr. Suhag you seem to be a mature and married man and I cannot understand why you didn’t read the full post and started blaming me instead.
      So, Mr. Suhag, if you cared to read the post properly I have already mentioned everything in the Disclaimer section.
      About developing this ROM, I am not the developer of this ROM but yes I have compiled a ROM for Karbonn A18 and contributed in many other ROMs in someway.
      I have also found the method rooted many devices out there.
      It’s not my fault that you were foolish enough and you didn’t read the full post.
      Also, I do not need to know from people like you if I can run a blog or not. So mind it and see my “shop” running.
      Have a good night.

  • chari

    hi ….my funbook is showing me totally white screen after showing the welcome funbook message . . .

  • Mohit

    Thanks Alot Ujjwal. My Funbook was pattern locked. I tried hard reset, adb etc. but nothing worked. Even went to gaffar market to get it unlocked but nothing worked. Finally tried your method & it worked like wonder!!…Thanks Again 🙂

    • Glad it could help. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our email newsletter.

  • Syed Numaan Ali

    hi Ujjwal.I own a micromax funbook p300 i was modifying the build.prop and accidentally changed lcd density …………..the density was 121 but accidentally it changed to 1201 when i open my p300 it shows the micromax logo and shown the funbook logo and after these a white screen come ……. iwill be helpful if you work this thing out………… thank in advance>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Flash stock ROM. Search XDA.

      • Syed Numaan Ali

        thank u very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
        love for this bro…

  • Raymond Ling

    It works for me. Thanks for the clear steps shown.

  • dorian

    Please tell me how this is done for micromax P275

  • Shubham Tiwari

    Hey ujjwal,
    today i used allwinner mod to change build.prop of my tab( infinity p275).but when i restarted just after changing it, my tab shows only micromax logo and then a black screen appears before me. I searched for this and got a solution to install flash rom through CWM(I have it on my tab).
    Is this process good.? will it work?? Is there any other way to install/recover ICS software??
    plz help me.

    • Yes. The process is working. If it doesn’t work then you can comment back and I will give you the stock rom. It will make your tab new.

  • Shahid

    I am using Micromax Funbook Infinity P275. I could not find the back button?? Where is it? I tried pressing lower left portion of the screen and followed the procedure above but no window appears to ask for formatting.
    I m stuck at Funbook…. Logo booting…
    Please help.

    • This is only for P300.

      • Shahid

        Thanks for the reply.
        So how do I do this for P275?
        Please help..

  • Flash this file.
    Use this flashing tool:

  • Peacock

    what about part 3, 4 5 and 6…..

  • Peacock

    wi-fi and bluetooth not able to on….how can i repair…

  • Soyab

    HI I am trying to update the my P300 using the above process but i am facing problem in driver installation. USing the above procedure it says no match found for hardware… pls help


    • Soyab

      For better undestanding i am uploading the following images —

      • Click on “Don’t search I will choose the driver to install”. Then try.

        • Soyab

          Yes that also i tried but no luck …it says driver doesnt contains info for your hardware….

          • Then you have to try on Win7 I guess.

          • Soyab

            Okay i will try .. and wil try post the results..

  • Manas Ranjan Panda

    can i root android 4.0 in CWM Recovery 5 ICS .

  • Hi Ujjawal, Any chance P300 can be upgraded to Kitkat.