Canvas 4 ROM for Micromax A116 canvas HD – Canva4HD

In this post we will share with you the Canvas 4 ROM for Micromax A116 canvas HD – Canva4HD which has all the features of Micromax A210 Canvas 4.

Just when the users of the Micromax A116 Canvas HD were requesting devs to port the software features of Canvas 4 to the A116, kumar abhishek who is a Senior Member on XDA forums released a ROM for Canvas HD which is loaded with software features of the Canvas 4.

Canvas 4 ROM for Micromax A116 canvas HD – Canva4HD

Canvas 4 Features

  • Android 4.2.1 Jellybean
  • Blow to Unlock
  • Shake to Unlock
  • Smart Pause
  • New Camera features
    • Multi Angle View Shot
    • Vertical Panorama
  • 99 shots in one burst shot
  • Video Player can be pinned
  • Preview another video without pausing current video
  • Swipe control in video player
  • Micromax Multiwindows
  • Answer call by bringing the phone to your ear
  • Call the contact by bringing the phone to your ear
  • Flip phone to silent the call
  • Micromax Music Hub
  • M! Security
  • M! Power

Other Enhancements

  • Init.d Added
  • Fully Deodexed
  • Ziplagin Every Boot
  • Gps Config
  • AdBlock Host
  • Removed Micromax Registration
  • Full CPU & GPU Utilization
  • Build.prop Tweaks
  • Init.d Scripts
  • New Baseband
  • Faster And Smoother
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Busybox
  • Faster Streaming
  • Net Speed Tweaks
  • Signal Tweaks
  • Better Responsiveness & Speed
  • Proximity Tweaks
  • Battery Tweaks
  • No Delay In Making Call
  • Fast GPS

Downloads & Requirements


  • Dark back Camera
  • Auto Focus FC


  • After you have downloaded the ROM ZIP transfer it to your SD card so that you can flash it through CWM.
  • Now boot into CWM. You can use the Quick Boot app to do it quickly.
  • In CWM it is suggested that you take a backup of your current system just in case..
  • Go to backups & restore > backup.
  • After you have backed up go to CWM home and choose Wipe data/factory reset.
  • Now go to Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  • Go to Mounts & Storage > Format System.
  • Now go to Install ZIP from SD card and choose the ROM ZIP.
  • It will take some time to flash. Let the process complete.
  • After the process is complete you can now reboot the device.
  • You can now use the new ROM on your Micromax A116 Canvas HD.

So this is how you can flash the Canvas 4 ROM for Micromax A116 canvas HD – Canva4HD.

All thanks to kumar abhishek.


keanu_ritz on XDA Forums have also released a Canvas 4 ROM for Micromax A116 Canvas HD. This ROM is fully stable and everything works fine including the camera.

This ROM is purely Stock.

  • Not Rooted
  • No build.prop tweaks


Procedure to Flash

The procedure to flash this ROM is same as mentions for Canva4HD ROM.

Follow this tutorial if you want to Root this ROM.


Source 1Source 2

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  • Anjan Bhowmik

    “Dark back Camera” means??

    • It’s a bug with camera.

      • Anjan Bhowmik

        camera is usable or not for general image capturing??

  • pritheev jith

    can we install original stock rom of canvas 4 in a116 through sp tool ……….stock rom of canvas 4 is available in net its nearly 500 mb ……………..pls reply……………..

    • If you want your device bricked, then Yes.
      In short, NO do not even try.

  • pritheev jith

    can we install canvas 4 original stock rom in a116 canvas hd………………pls reply

  • Gourav Sharma

    bro when this bugs were clear

    • Just subscribe to the thread mentioned in the source of this post.

  • Rahul

    HI I have installed Canvas 4 Rom but after rebooting its stuck on screen where it displays Canvas 4 logo. Please help

    • As we discussed in the group, try flashing the ROM again.

  • abhishek

    how to remove camera bug plz tell me

  • aman

    bro….which camera is not working…the rear camera or the secondary camera
    ……when will this bug be rectified???

  • aman

    dude …..then when will it be rectified…plsss make it soon…

  • Srikanth Srikanth Raj

    i am using micromax a116 mobile and i am using canva4 stock rom every thing is fine with new canva4 stock rom but camera is not working please fix it ………….

  • Apoorv

    Hi to install canvas ROM do we need to root the phone

    • You need to install CWM and root your phone to make it work.

  • Upal De

    while booting up will it show canvas hd or canvas 4??
    and one more query..
    is the new rom is totally bug free??

  • Rajesh

    still camera is not working after update new patch

  • Upal De

    i hv installed the 1st rom which has camera bugs..
    Do i need to flash my phone again??

  • visesh vardhan

    bro does it work in canvas2?? or my fone wil become slow??

    • Don’t even try it on Canvas 2. It will instantly brick your phone.

  • visesh vardhan

    plzzzz reply.. i need dis rom.. does google voice work??? nd it gonna b slow in canvas 2??

  • visesh vardhan

    thanks buddy…can i get canvas hd rom for canvas 2??

    • Canvas HD and Canvas 2 have different chipsets. So it will brick your device.

  • gyanu

    can i try this canvas 4 rom in canvas 2 plus ?

  • gyanu

    can i try this canvas 4 rom in canvas 2 plus ? it work or not!!

  • pintu

    how is the gaming performance after installing canvas4 rom

  • Upal De

    I need a the fm radio player which is missing from the updated rom

    • Root the phone and transfer these two files from here in /system/app/ and restart your phone.
      FM will be installed.

  • Upal De

    Tl me how root this rom…
    Bcause its unrioted and rooting process of 4.1.2 is nt wrking with this one

  • Nikhilesh

    Hey how to flash this rom with SP Flash tools.. Please explain

  • gaurav dalal

    All gesture features work after flashing it or not….stable or beta…

  • gaurav dalal

    Any bugs like peoples says camera not working properly..plz reply

  • Upal De

    In smart gesture proximity answer call is not working

  • prashant

    how to remove the transparent status bar patch/add on the updated c4 rom

  • Karthik Logan

    thanks for this very useful information on Micromax A116