A full fledged guide to use Link2SD

So far we have covered one app in detail as we promised in our article Top 3 Must Have Apps For Rooted Android. Now in this post we will be posting a full fledged guide to use Link2SD.

In this article you will get little closer look of it option by option guide. You can get Link2SD from the Play Store. Keep in mind that in order to use this application you must have rooted your phone.



Selecting this option sort out the apps , like apps residing in sdcard/internal/etc.  very usefull when you need to find an app precisely.



Selecting this option sorts apps according to the factors like APK size, date of installation, it’s name  shown in above image. Now we’ll explain further options by taking an example of “Advanced Task Killer”. On clicking “Actions ” you will see this menu.

Advanced Task Manager


Move to SDCARD:

The real essence and the most clicked option in Link2SD is “Move to SD card“. You might be wondering, what’s so special about it we can do it using App2SD or by simply going into the system menu.

But App2SD cannot move all the apps to SDcard whereas Link2SD can (90% apps). Force moving to SDcard is its key feature, but sometimes may cause malfunctioning in an app so it must be used carefully.



This option suspends the selected app. It is the most important option when you want to temporarily stop an app due to some reason like your internet pack is over and apps are trying to gain internet connection which would drain your account balance at lighting speed to simply avoid this you can just freeze that app. You can later unfreeze them when you need them to work again.

Convert to System app


Using this option you can make your desired app an system app. This option becomes important in the scenario like making launcher like holo launcher or xperia launcher your default and replacing the stock launcher. You don’t need to do those messy works of assigning permission to app.

Clear data


This option gives you freedom from the tiresome work of clearing data of an app  which could make it’s functioning  odd and to free up some space.



Similar to clear data option, clearing cache is also an vital factor to subsidize to odd functioning of app and also to clear some storage space. This option does that for you.



As the name suggests, this option simply starts/runs the app.



This option take you to the system option of the app. From there you can uninstall it or perform many more stock options likewise.



This options simply reinstalls the selected app. It could be a vital option at the point when you feel that clearing data/cache fixing permissions doesn’t stops the odd behavior of the app and installing the fresh copy is the only option left then this could help you out.



This option is an shorthand way to quickly removing an app, rather than getting lost in the menu of  “managing application”. Just select an app in Link2SD and trash it. As simple as that.

So we have fulfilled our promise that we will be explaining each an every option of Link2SD. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Feel free to get your doubts cleared in the comments section below.

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